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Netanyahu’s Stagy Performance

Reality TV Star Netanyahu.

With his newest anti-Iranian rant, Netanyahu wanted to impress another braggart of reality-TV, President Donald Trump. This time, Netanyahu got professional, speaking in English, using slides and pictures, not cartoons like in the United Nations where he had ridiculed himself. He even exposed two „monuments,“ one showing shelves full of folders apparently containing documents about Iran’s secret nuclear program. Perhaps these files were just for decoration. He avoided revealing its contents.

At least, it was a stagy performance that could only impress bimbos. Netanyahu missed his job; he should have been a bingo caller. He is the most untrustworthy politician, and a ‚liar‘ like former French President Nikolas Sarkozy once said to President Obama at the G-20 meeting in Cannes: ‚I can’t stand him. He’s a liar.‘ Netanyahu behaves like a boy having called wolf for more than two decades.  Weiterlesen

Nikki Haley – the Poster Girl of the ZioCon War Lobby

Which Interests does she serve? American or Israeli ones?

Nikki Haley is THE mouthpiece of the Zionist aggressive occupation regime. She serves Zionist interests and acts to the detriment of the American people that have to carry the can for the partisanship with this rogue Zionist state. President Trump should sack her before she challenges him in the next presidential race. Haley will have the backing of the trigger-happy Ziocon establishment and the Zionist billionaires.

Together with John Bolton, they seem like the perfect „Doomsday Couple“ to bring the U.S. down. Perhaps they are the last true believers in Zionism, the Jewish racist ideology, although both are not Jewish.  It’s not surprising that Jewish and American exceptionalism are similar in their racist beliefs.

Haley’s behavior is hyperbolic, arrogant, and extremely dangerous to the reputation of the U. S. but it seems as if she acts according to the slogan: Freely you live, if you haven’t a reputation to lose. But under the borderline Trump administration even a „un-American“ behavior, it benefits the Zionist regime, seems acceptable.  Weiterlesen

The British „Novichok“ Plot against Russia

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Countercurrents.

The West is doing everything to fabricate a cause of war against or to isolate Russia further internationally. So far, ‚Novichok‘ rests on rumors. The affair was made up the British and the French intelligence agencies without having presented any evidence. The term ‚Novichok‘ was used to sound Russian, in fact, this nerve agent is known internationally as A-234. Instead, the Western alliance presents this case as a foregone conclusion.  And the Western fawning media agitate as cheerleaders, having specialized in producing fake news a long time ago.

Many countries are producing this kind of nerve gas, among them a British company close to the town Salisbury, where the incident happened. What about the U.S., Israel, Uzbekistan, France, and the Brits themselves? Israel has a vast stockpile of biochemical weapons and does not allow internal inspections. To believe the British story, told by Theresa May or even Boris Johnson, is like thinking into Easter bunny.

So far, the Brits have been dining any requests by Russia to take part in the solving of this case. Why? As the public got told, Yulia Skripal, the daughter of double agent Sergei Skripal, is on the road to recovery. Both are still Russian citizens. Russia has been denied to care about its citizens. When can Yulia Skripal testify, do the British intelligence tells her what to say publically? Perhaps she can even ‚prove‘ that President Putin himself committed the attack!!!  Weiterlesen

Solidarity with Julian Assange and Carles Puigdemont

Two Freedom Fighters and Political Prisoners: Assange and Puigdemont.

On 26 March 2018 Julian Assange tweeted out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London the following correct comparison: „In 1940 the elected president of Catalonia, Lluís Companys, was captured by the Gestapo, at the request of Spain, delivered to them and executed. Today, German police have arrested the elected president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, at the request of Spain, to be extradited.“

This tweet caused anger not only in Spain but also in Ecuador. The foreign ministry demanded that Assange deletes the tweet, which he refused. Shortly after, the Ecuadorian diplomatic mission cut Assange’s communication with the outside world and prohibited visitors from seeing him.

Since 2012, Assange sought refuge in the embassy, escaping extradition to the US where he expected charges of espionage because of having released so-called secret documents about the crimes committed by the US occupation forces in Iraq and of releasing tons of emails showing how criminal the US government behaves.  Weiterlesen

Die Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz 2018 – ein Stelldichein der Kriegstreiber

Zwei Kriegstreiber und zwei Stimmen der Vernunft auf der MSC 2018 in München!

Auf der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz (MSC) soll alljährlich eine Bestandsaufnahme der internationalen Sicherheitslage der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert werden. Was sich jedoch in diesem Jahr abspielte, war geradezu ein aggressiver Showdown zu weiteren militärischen Konfrontationen, angezettelt von den USA und dem Besatzerstaat Israel gegen Iran, Syrien und Nord Korea.

Die Scharfmacher waren, wie nicht anders zu erwarten, der US Sicherheitsberater H. R. McMaster und Israels Ministerpräsident Benjamin Netanyahu. Beide Politiker hielten aggressive Reden gegen Iran, Syrien, Hisbollah und Russland, von Nord Korea gar nicht zu reden. Außer dem russischen Außenminister Sergej Lawrow und Irans Außenminister Javad Zafari, der eine nachdenkliche und intellektuelle-anspruchsvolle Rede hielt, hatte keiner den Mut, dieser versammelten Kriegstreibergesellschaft die Stirn zu bieten, die sich in Selbstgerechtigkeit erging.  Weiterlesen

Feuer und Zorn. Tratsch und Klatsch aus dem Weissen Haus

Nach der Lektüre dieses Buches fragt man sich, warum das politische Washington das Buch von Michael Wolff so begeistert aufgenommen hat, obwohl es nichts anderes als Klatsch und Tratsch aus dem Weißen Hause zwischen zwei Buchdeckeln zusammengefasst hat. Dieses Geschwätz wurde bereits weitestgehend in der Regenbogenpresse breitgetreten. Dass man einen unseriösen Schreiberling wie Wolff so im Weißen Haus hofiert hat, spricht nicht gerade für die Professionalität des Personals. Das einzig Substantielle in dem Buch kam von Steve Bannon, Präsident Trumps „Chefstrategen“. Ohne seinen Verrat an Trump wäre das Buch völlig wertlos.

Das Buch war ein Mediencoup, der nur für den Autor lukrativ war. Dass Wolff nicht an Aufklärung interessiert ist, zeigt folgender  Ausspruch: “ Seth Rich ist tot und ich bin reich: Mann, was für eine großartige Welt! Die Leute wollen mein Buch, nicht die Wahrheit über Rich.“ Für die unaufgeklärte deutsche Öffentlichkeit nur so viel zur Hinrichtung von Seth Rich. 

Rich war ein Mitarbeiter des Demokratischen Nationalkomitees (DNC).  Als die Email-Affäre durch WikiLeaks ans Tageslicht kam, wurde Rich als Informant verdächtigt. Kurz darauf wurde Seth Rich auf dem Nachhauseweg von Killern hingerichtet. Rund um die Clintons hat es immer wieder einige mysteriöse Todesfälle gegeben, die nicht aufgeklärt werden konnten.   Weiterlesen

The Demonization of President Vladimir Putin Must Stop

No other world leader is more demonized and slandered by the Western media than the Russian President Vladimir Putin. All the major US media outlets and corporations caricature one of the most rational and thoughtful leaders on the international stage. Compared to Donald Trump, Theresa May, and Emanuel Macron, not to speak of the most overrated Angela Merkel, Putin has a vision of the role of the nation-state in international politics. He can be called the Russian Bismarck. The closest to him, what the role and importance of the nation-state are concerned, is President Trump.

At least, there is still one US voice of reason what Russia and Putin are concerned. Professor Stephen F. Cohen, the best expert on Russia in the whole United States, strikes a blow for Putin with excellent, rational and thoughtful arguments. He contrasts sharply with the created „Russiagate“ and Russophobic hysteria, which, up till now, are rumors. So far, there hasn’t been any shown evidence of so-called Russian hacking or Russian collusion, not by the 17 US Intelligence Agencies. Not to speak of the Clinton/Obama mafia that invented this whole myth with the FBI, DOJ, the Intel community, especially Clapper and Brannan, and the other subordinate crooks in the Obama administration. Without Obama’s knowledge and approval, this conspiracy against a newly elected US President could have never taken place.

Without the massive propagandistic support of the mainstream media in the US, the UK, and Australia, not to speak of their scribblers in Western Europe, especially in Germany, this anti-Russian propaganda would have failed. Even more important are people such as Stephen F. Cohen, a voice in the wilderness. Whether the major propaganda outlets such as CNN, MSNBC or the BBC will listen, can be doubted. Too much for their reputation is at stake.


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Not President Trump, the Deep State Is a Threat to US Democracy

The Americans want the world to believe that their democracy is „exceptional,“ which indeed it is for real believers, but the US political system is also second to none in its political criminality, corruption and aggressiveness against states that don’t follow its orders. In this respect, there hasn’t been any difference between Democratic or Republican presidents.

Since Trump became the nominee of the GOP,  a conspiracy started against him that is unprecedented in modern American history. The then President Obama and its criminal Intel community, (Clapper and Brennan especially)  plus the FBI and the DOJ began to conspire against Trump using a dossier full of rubbish to get a warrant against one of Trump’s advisers, Carter Page, from a kangaroo court, which is called FISA. This plot gathered full speed after Trump won the election against the most dangerous, hawkish and corrupt candidate the US has ever seen, Hillary Clinton.

The top brass of the Deep State has been keeping on with their criminal and undemocratic endeavor after Trump took the oath of office. The leftovers of the Obama administration within the Deep State even have still the infamy and mendacity to threat a sitting president.

Chuck Schumer, the minority leader of the Democrats in the Senate, tried to intimidate the US President.  „Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,“ said Chuck Schumer Tuesday evening on MSNBC.

Even worse than Schumer former CIA counterterrorism official Phil Mudd threatened Trump on CNN was saying; „The workforce is going to look and this and say, this is an attack on our ability to investigate with integrity… The FBI people, I’m going to tell you, “are ticked” and they’re going to be saying, I guarantee you, “You think you can push this off this?”… You better think again, Mr. President. You’ve been around for 13 months. We’ve been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We’re going to win.“

Does it mean that Donald Trump could suffer the same fate as JFK to be killed by the CIA or any other US agency? The following video by Jimmy Dore, a Bernie Sanders supporter and one of the few authentic voices in American journalism, tells you more about the rottenness of the American political system and it’s „highly“ regarded institutions than any textbook, not to speak of the media.

The political corruptness and criminality of the Intel community, the FBI, and the DOJ is so appalling that a genuinely democratic minded person can’t swallow. Without the intensive collaboration of the fawning and corrupt mainstream media, this could have never happened. As a foreign political observer of US foreign and domestic politics, I only believe 5 percent what CNN is broadcasting. The NYT and the Post can write stories till Doomsday, but they will never change their minds on President Trump.

What they lacked was fairness a core principle of journalism. The vast majority of journalists worldwide had a bias towards Trump from day one. The following sentence of the renowned German journalist and TV anchorman Hanns Joachim Friedrichs should take the American journalists to heart. „A good journalist can be recognized by the fact that he does not associate with a cause, not even with a good one; that he is present everywhere, but doesn’t belong to it.“ Most US journalists are partisan.

There must be some heads rolling in Washington D. C.

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Michael Wolff’s „Fire and Fury“ – Gossip and Tittle-Tattle between two Boards

One wonders how the public got so thrilled by a book that combines all the D. C. gossip and tittle-tattle between two boards, which the tabloids published about Trump’s chaotic White House so far. The book was a media coup that only served the financial advantage of the author; it made him even more precious. The following statement says a lot about Michael Wolff’s motives: „Seth Rich is dead and I am rich: man, what a great world! People want my book, not the truth about Rich.“ Rich’s assassination is still in the dark, and it will never be solved. Cooperating with Wolff who as a journalist raises only eyebrows, sends a message to the readers that his sources are gossipers, and lots of stuff is just fantasy. The only substance came from Steve Bannon.  Weiterlesen

Deutsche Politiker verurteilen Protest gegen Israel als „Antisemitismus“

Präsident Trumps einseitige Entscheidung, Jerusalem zu Israels Hauptstadt zu erklären, hat ihm weltweite Kritik und Verachtung eingebracht, außer von Israel. Benjamin Netanyahus so genannte Charme-Offensive in Brüssel, wo er die EU davon überzeugen wollte Trumps Beispiel zu folgen, ist von Fredeica Mogherini, der Vertreterin für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik der EU, mit den Worten, „dieser Schritt wird nicht kommen“, beiseite gelegt worden. Sie betonte die Unterstützung einer Zwei-Staaten-Lösung, mir Jerusalem als Hauptstadt fpr beide Staaten, durch die EU.

Übrigens ist Netanyahu nicht von der EU eingeladen worden, sondern hatte sich selbst dazu entschlossen der EU die Leviten zu lesen. Anstatt ihn hinauszuwerfen, haben ihn die EUVertreter ertragen und sich profiliert und gefestigt, nachdem er die Bühne verlassen hatte. Eine Gemeinschaft, die sich bemüht als globaler Spieler zu agieren, hätte einem solchen politischen Gauner die Tür verwiesen. Stattdessen wurden sie von Netanyahu beleidigt worden und haben es mit einem Lächeln ertragen.

In der ganzen Welt hat es umfangreiche Proteste gegeben, besonders im besetzten Palästina. Auch im Libanon, der Türkei, Marokko, Schweden und in Berlin sind Demonstranten auf die Straßen gegangen, um vor US-Botschaften zu protestieren und anti-amerikanische sowie anti-israelische Slogans zu skandieren.

Der türkische Präsident, Erdogan, äußerte harsche Kritik an Trumps Entscheidung und an Israel im Besonderen und nannte Israel einen „Terrorstaat“ und „Kindermörder“ wobei er das zionistische Regime scharf als „unterdrückenden Besatzungsstaat“ kritisierte. Und die Vereinigten Staaten sind „Partner beim Blutvergießen“ im Mittleren Osten, so Erdogan. Auf einem Treffen der Arabischen Liga in Kairo hat der libanesische Außenminister Gebran Bassil, ein maronitischer Christ, Sanktionen gegen die VS gefordert.

In Berlin hatten sich Tausende Demonstranten am Brandenburger Tor, nahe der US-Botschaft versammelt, anti-israelische Parolen skandiert und eine selbst gemachte israelische Flagge verbrannt. Diese kindliche Symbolik, die aus Frustration, Wut sowie Machtlosigkeit und Verzweiflung entsprang, hat Wirbel unter deutschen Politikern, die sie als Akt des „Antisemitismus“ gebrandmarkt haben, einen Sturm der Entrüstung hervorgerufen. Man kann sich fragen, warum die Demonstranten nicht auch die amerikanische Flagge verbrannt haben, was wesentlich sinnvoller gewesen wäre. Das Verbrennen von Flaggen ist keine Straftat und fällt unter das Demonstrationsrecht, solange diese nicht an einer ausländischen Botschaft angebracht ist, was in Deutschland als Straftat betrachtet wird. Weiterlesen …