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Trump attacks North Korea and Iran at the UN

Trump and Netanyahu on their Way to War.

Donald Trump’s appearance before the General Assembly of the United Nations could have been a rare highlight of his chaotic young presidency. If Trump had just repeated his inauguration address, the audience would have burst out in gales of laughter. Instead, they countered his bluster not only against North Korea and Iran but also against the UN body as a whole with broad silence. Trump tried to be serious, but instead, he presented himself as the most dangerous President ever in US history. He went after the North Korean regime as the devil himself would run it. The Iranian government followed suit. In the bashing and demonization of other governments, the US has always been top. That America comes „first“ and that his administration has been successful were among his nicest bravados.

Trump spoke exactly the truth about his nation. „Rogue regimes represented in this body not only support terrorists but threaten other countries and their people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity.“ Don’t the US support terrorist regimes such as the Saudi and the Israeli ones, which threatens other nations and peoples with annihilation and spread terrorism in the region and the Saudi case worldwide? Haven’t the US caused havoc to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen?  Weiterlesen

The Mumbai Attack; The Betrayal of India

Perhaps the FBI needs guys like Elias Davidsson to solve the circumstances of the 9/11 attacks. Could he have been successful within such an organization? Usually, the FBI investigators can only go so far as their superiors want them to go. That’s why a highly qualified researcher such as Davidsson would have gone nowhere within the FBI.

In the 9/11 community, Davidsson is no blank sheet. He has published books on 9/11 and the follow-up terrorist attacks that set the world on fire. „Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11″, followed by „Psychological Warfare and Social Denial: The Legend of 9/11 and the Fiction of Terrorism“ (Psychologische Kriegsführung und Gesellschaftliche Leugnung: Die Legende des 9/11 und die Fiktion der Terrorbedrohung) presented a different narrative. An English translation of a condensed version would be very informative and highly useful for the English speaking public.  Weiterlesen

Die Strenggläubigen. Fundamentalismus und die Zukunft der islamischen Welt

Religion ist immer noch sehr wichtig, so könnte eine der zentralen Schlussfolgerungen aus Wilfried Buchtas jüngstem Buch „Die Strenggläubigen“ lauten. Im Gegensatz zu der überwiegenden Zahl der Islamexperten ist Buchtas religionsgeschichtlicher Ansatz überzeugender als die unzähligen Richtigkeiten seiner säkularen Mitkombattanten, die den Zerfall der Staatenordnung erst seit dem Scheitern des so genannten Arabischen Frühlings oder des US-Überfalls auf den Irak beginnen lassen.

Der Autor hingegen geht bis in Frühgeschichte des Islam zurück, und zwar auf das sunnitisch-schiitische Schisma im 7. Jahrhundert. Ein weiteres einschneidendes Datum ist die islamische Revolution in Iran 1979, die das Schah-Regime auf dem Müllhaufen der Geschichte entsorgte.  Buchta gehört zu den kompetentesten deutschen Islamkennern, insbesondere auch des Iran („Das politische System Irans“ oder „Who Rules Iran?“) und des Schiismus. Sein enormes historisches Wissen hat er im vorliegenden kompakten Essay für jeden Leser verständlich entfaltet.  Weiterlesen

Saudi Arabia and Israel are Best Buddies

Best Buddies! Photo credits: IHT.

That the Zionist and the Saudi regime are cooperating very closely and intensively is all over town. They have a common enemy: Iran. So, Israel doesn’t mind supporting the most radical, anti-democratic, fundamentalist, and repressive regime on the face of the earth. Besides that, both regimes are not that different. In the last decade under the Netanyahu reign, Israel has become so fundamentalist that one can hardly differentiate this government from the Iranian one, not to speak of the Saudi regime. Radical Jewish right-wing extremists infiltrating all ranks of the state, especially the military, and have hijacked the Netanyahu government through the Bennett’s Jewish Home party.

Compared to Saudi Arabia, Iran is a fully fledged Muslim democracy with regular elections on all levels of society. The Saudis have no votes whatsoever and oppress not only its Sunni but especially its Shiite population. Western media do not report on the daily attacks against Saudi installations. The Saudi regime is going to execute 13 Shiites again in the coming days. Western protests: Nil.  Weiterlesen

Wish You Weren’t Here – or Zionist Propaganda against Roger Waters and BDS

Roger Waters; Courtesy of MWC News.

Was it coincidence or planning that around the same time two Zionist propaganda pieces against the BDS movement and its activists were or are going to be broadcasted?

This summer, Ian Halperin’s documentary „Wish You Weren’t Here“ will be shown. Halperin, a Canadian, is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist, and a bestselling author. He focuses on Roger Waters, a former Pink Floyd leader. Waters is the most prominent BDS-activist and an outspoken critic of Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine. Waters lobbies among his colleagues and artists to boycott Israel. Therefore, the Zionist Lobby accuses Waters of „Anti-Semitism.“

Halperin traveled the world for two years and talked to prominent Zionists such as Eliot Engel, Ronald Lauder, Akiva Tor, Alan Dershowitz, Charles Small, Israeli and Palestinian politicians and many other experts. Apparently, the documentary is „jaw-dropping.“ One has to be skeptical when a film, overwhelmed prematurely with rave reviews, which deals with BDS and Israel and its critics. In Germany, we were also confronted with a lousy Zionist propaganda job.

A few Weeks ago, a shoddy piece of craft, produced by the German documentary filmmaker Joachim Schroeder under the title „Chosen and excluded – the Hatred of Jews in Europe.“ Public television financed this lousy work. The German public TV relies on mandatory fees from every household whether they have a television or not. First, the broadcasting corporation refused to air it but had yielded to huge Zionist pressure.

After the broadcast, a panel of experts discussed the documentary. A Zionist bully dominated the discussion. He once taught history at the Armed Forces University in Munich. Accompanied by a Zionist Muslim, who can be considered a „good Muslim“ because he had more empathy towards Israel and the Jews than to its oppressed Palestinians brethren. On the other side, a Jewish professor who teaches medical psychology at the University of Lübeck, a former German minister of labor and a journalist was unable to hold a candle to them. These critics could not enforce their arguments because of their humble attitude. The Zionist Muslim, quite seriously, suggested that the young Muslims in Germany should travel to Auschwitz concentration camp like the young Israelis do who get brainwashed there.

Comparing Halperin to Schroeder, the first one is a completely different caliber. Wherever Schroeder deals with the Zionist lobbyists and their Muslim servants, Halperin deals with the big shots of the show business. Schroeder already produced a pseudo-satirical soap opera called „Either Broder- The Germany Safari“ and „Either Broder – The Europe Safari.“ Compared to the just aired Zionist propaganda documentary, the soup about Broder together with his Muslim servant Hamad Abdel-Samad, who searched for Anti-Semitism, Anti-Americanism, Xenophobia et cetera, was at least in part funny and bizarre. Right now, Schroeder has just completed another piece about two prominent Zionists; the German journalist Henryk M. Broder and the Dutch writer Leon de Winter. Whereas Broder writes for every Tom, Dick, and Harry, de Winter writes for the more intellectual ones.

In any case, it’s scandalous that a Zionist filmmaker who does such a lousy job receives tons of mandatory fees, for which no one seems responsible.

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9/11 and the Endless War on Terror

The US calls itself an exceptional nation; this holds also be true for its criminal energy. The „National Institute of Standards and Technology“ (NIST) is just covering up the 9/11 circumstances such as the Bush gang did. The controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC No 7 seems obvious. Watch this revealing and excellent video. Only ignoramuses can deny the overwhelming evidence. Justice still has to be done in the US. Why doesn’t the „greatest builder on earth,“ US President Donald Trump, appoint an independent committee to investigate the real circumstances of 9/11? He knows that the official narrative was made up as his first comments after September 11, demonstrate.

If the US public doesn’t come to terms with the real circumstances on 9/11, the so-called wars on terror will go indefinitely. Perhaps the Ziocons will love it. Their short-term goals are bringing down Assad and Iran, in the long run, they will try to destabilize Russia and China by using the desperados from ISIS and the bought mercenaries. Now it’s the „Muslim threat,“ later it will be the „Russian“ and „Chinese threat.

Paul Craig Roberts writes: „Anyone who believes the official 9/11 story, like anyone who believes Oswald killed JFK, like anyone who still believes that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and Al-Qaeda connections, that Assad used chemical weapons, who believes the Gulf of Tonkin lie, who believes that Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK, that Russia invaded Ukraine, etc., is too far gone ever to be rescued from The Matrix in which they live.“

So far, the corporate media are still able to cover up the truth about the reality of 9/11 by calling everybody a conspiracy theorist. In fact, 9/11 was the largest conspiracy against the American people perpetrated not by these alleged 19 Muslim hijackers. The real conspiracists are all still alive and kicking.

„Der Hass auf Juden in Europa“ – ein journalistisches Machwerk

Antisemitismus und Zionismus sind zwei Seiten einer Medaille!

Bereits nach den ersten Sekunden war klar, dass hier keine „Dokumentation“ sondern ein zionistischer Propagandastreifen gesendet wurde. Ich konnte es zu Beginn nicht fassen, dass solch eine wüste und einseitige Propaganda in der ARD überhaupt gesendet würde. Dies hatte nichts, aber auch gar nichts mit Journalismus zu tun, geschweige denn mit seriösem. Die Macher dieser desinformierenden Propaganda-Doku folgten einer Agenda, zu der sie sich die passenden Statements, und zwar zum Teil von rechtsnationalistischen Zionisten eingeholt haben.

In bester Stürmer-Manier ging es weiter: Die Rede von Mahmoud Abbas, dem Präsidenten der mit Israel kollaborierenden Palästinensischen Behörde wurde eine direkte Verbindung zum Mufti von Jerusalem, al-Husseini,  unterstellt, der sich seit 1941 in Berlin aufhielt und angeblich die Vernichtung der Juden in Palästina organisieren sollte. Als „Krönung“ dieser Manipulation wurde dann noch Julius Streicher eingeblendet: „Ohne eine Lösung der Judenfrage, keine Erlösung der Menschheit.“ Hatte nicht Abbas so etwas Ähnliches über das Ende der Besatzung für die Lösung des Nahostkonfliktes in seiner Rede gesagt?

Folgen die Macher hier nicht einem Muster, das ein bekannter Propagandist so formuliert hat:  „Wenn man eine große Lüge erzählt und sie oft genug wiederholt, dann werden die Leute sie am Ende glauben. Man kann die Lüge so lange behaupten, wie es dem Staat gelingt, die Menschen von den politischen, wirtschaftlichen und militärischen Konsequenzen der Lüge abzuschirmen. Deshalb ist es von lebenswichtiger Bedeutung für den Staat, seine gesamte Macht für die Unterdrückung abweichender Meinungen einzusetzen. Die Wahrheit ist der Todfeind der Lüge, und daher ist die Wahrheit der größte Feind des Staates.“

Angeblich war man dem Antisemitismus in Europa auf der Spur. Zu diesem Zweck trieb sich das Team lange in Israel und dem Gaza-Streifen herum, um Israel von seiner Vertreibungspolitik während der Staatsgründung freizusprechen. Treuherzig erzählte Rafael „Rafi“ Eitan wie hilfsbereit die Zionisten doch mit den Palästinensern umgegangen seien. Seine Statements waren herzerweichend, wenn sie nicht so zynisch geklungen hätten. Bis auf den Fehler, der im King-David-Hotel gemacht worden sei, „gab es keine Opfer“.  Angeblich haben die Zionisten in dieser Zeit  nichts gegen die Araber unternommen.  Weiterlesen

Becky Anderson (CNN) „Made“ Fake News

One of many CNN poster girls!

CNN is not only famous for its aggressive anti-Trump propaganda from day one of his presidency and before, but also as the most influential propaganda outlet for a „liberal“ version of the US Empire à la Obama, Clinton, and their ilk. In their reporting, Becky Anderson, Hala Gorani, and others demanded in their reports from the Muslim community representatives to come out in the street and protest against the terror attacks, as if they haven’t done it in the past.

As it seems, for one of CNN’s poster girls, Becky Anderson, was the Muslim protest not convincing enough. Out of hand, she organized a Muslim „ant-terror demonstration“ right behind a police cordon in London. This type of news was not „faked“ but „made,“ nevertheless it was fake news to manipulate a worldwide audience. For this kind of reporting, CNN is famous.

With eleven women, Anderson tried to stage a protest rally. One little boy also attended this strange demonstration. These „actors“ showed signs with meaningless slogans such as: „ISIS will lose“ or „ISIS is an enemy of Islam.“ I saw Anderson’s report on CNN, and I said to myself: Wow, brave women, knowing about the discrimination of women in Islam. The report on the staged mass rally seemed real. Anderson was thrilled about the terrific protest!

What the viewers didn’t see how the „mass protest“ was fabricated and staged.

And here the ridiculous reporting of a beautiful scene by Muslim moms and a little boy who showed a sign saying: „To the Heroes of London“. My journalistic heart is bleeding!

What will the CEOs of CNN do with such a propaganda journalist? With how many staged reports has CNN already duped its viewers that were not accidentally disclosed by an independent bystander?

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Voices from Syria

Slowly but surely, the truth about the planned attack on Syria by Western powers under the leadership of the US Empire and its allies comes to the fore. For too long, the mainstream media held the monopoly on reporting about this havoc inflicted by the West together with its terrorist partners such as ISIS, al-Nusra front, and so-called moderate rebels in Syria. Especially the Obama administration pampered the last one. As the public knows by now, there hasn’t been such a thing as „moderate rebels.“

That the public in the West could have been so misinformed, was the fault of CNN, BBC, NYT and other media outlets. They prostituted themselves to the power elite in Washington D. C. Independent reporting was not their task. They were part of the international war party, which wanted to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to establish another Islamic dictatorship according to the Saudi Arabian model. Already in August 2011, President Obama said, „Assad must go.“ Assad is still alive and kicking, and Obama is old news.  Weiterlesen

Was in Syrien tatsächlich geschieht

Seit die Terrororganisationen die syrische Stadt Aleppo räumen mussten, wurde die Berichterstattung der westlichen Medien  abgeschaltet. Berichtet wurde erst wieder über einen Giftgasangriff, den die Regierung von Bashar al-Assad angeblich ausgeführt haben soll. Tatsächlich handelte es sich um eine Inszenierung, um die USA in den Krieg hineinzuziehen. Präsident Trump ließ einige Raketen auf einen syrischen Militärflugplatz abfeuern, um die Hysterie der westlichen Medien und des politischen Washington zu befriedigen. Seither sind die Berichte der westlichen Berichterstattung wieder verstummt. Bereits Obama sollte durch inszenierte Giftgasangriffe der Terroristen in den Krieg hineingezogen werden.

In dem inszenierten Krieg des Westens samt seinen arabischen Verbündeten wurde die einseitige Berichterstattung westlicher Medien perfektioniert. Westliche Medienvertreter haben sich zu willfährigen Handlangern des westlichen Kriegsparteien und der Terroristen machen lassen. So scheute die Fake-Fabrik Hollywood nicht davor zurück, den „White Helmets“ einen „Oscar“ zu verleihen, einer Hilfsorganisation der Terrororganisationen IS und al-Nusra-Front. „The White Helmets“ sollen eine humanitäre Organisation sein, die sich um Verletzte in Aleppo kümmern sollen. Tatsächlich sind sie als Sanitäter verkleidete Mitglieder der Terrororganisationen, die im Dienste ihrer Auftraggeber gehandelt haben. Diese so genannte Hilfsorganisation wurde von einem britischen Geheimdienstoffizier gegründet und vom Westen mit 100 Millionen US-Dollar unterstützt, auch von Deutschland.  Weiterlesen