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The London High-rise burns and burns and won’t Collapse!

A High-rise in London keeps on burning without collapsing. By contrast, the Twin Towers in NYC dissolved into dust after one hour! What about the laws of physics in London and NYC?

How come that the London high-rise hasn’t collapsed yet? It has been burning since one o’clock at night, i. e. for almost 14 hours., and it keeps on burning.

How come the Twin Towers in New York City collapsed and dissolved into dust after one hour being hit by unidentified objects?

Why does physics works in London and not in NYC?

How come that the American media class is not interested in the elucidation of the 9/11 incidents?

Why do the American people still believe in the fairytales of the Bush administration and made-up story of the 9/11 Commission Report?

So far, no burning high-rise in the whole world has ever collapsed, not to speak of dissolving into dust.

Are the United States of America an enlightened nation or a Mediaeval one? As the Shining City on the Hill, they are obliged to clarify all the contradictions surrounding the largest conspiracy against the American people.

Zuckerberg, don’t get hoodwinked by Media and Politicians


Don’t get bamboozled by the corporate media and the political class!

Shortly after Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat, the media came up with another spin: Zuckerberg and Facebook were held responsible for her debacle! What crap! Facebook apparently carried „fake news“. Didn’t the media invent and promote precisely this kind of „news“ to bounce Hillary over the last hurdle? It’s convenient for media whores to blame everybody except themselves and Hillary’s corrupt campaign organization for her defeat. Clinton labeled ordinary Americans „deplorables“, displaying her contempt for half of the population. Hillary Clinton was the favorite puppet of the Establishment. She was the embodiment of a hopelessly corrupt political system. And the American people realized it despite massive attempts by media presstitutes to sell her image. An estimated 95 percent of media outlets beat the drums for her and for her husband’s corrupt Clinton Foundation.  Weiterlesen

The newest FIFA Joke!


What about Racism in Israel?

The International Football Association (FIFA) announced the dissolution of its anti-racism committee. The reasons given; the committee has finished its work! The recommendations had been implemented and were included in the program of FIFA, said Fatma Samoura, General Secretary of the organization.

However, racism in stadiums is rampant such as in Israel. One should just watch a soccer game from Beitar whose fans went wild after one Muslim player scored a goal. Beitar is the most right-wing club in Israel and its fans are right-wing extremists. In 2019, the World Championship takes place in Russia where racist incidents in stadiums happen quite often.

The decision of FIFA has been criticized, inter alia, by the British anti-racist group „Kick it out“ as „ridiculous“ and „disgraceful“. Also, Jordanian Prince Ali al-Husseini, who run against Sepp Blatter,  criticized the decision as too early because „the fight against racism is way from over“. The scandalous former FIFA boss Blatter inserted the anti-racism committee and his successor Gianni Infantino dissolved it. It seems that the „new“ FIFA goes back to the times before Sepp Blatter.

„Wohlfühloase“ Mario Götze?

Hat Mario Götze das Fußballstadion mit einer Wohlfühloase verwechselt?

Wie es scheint, hat Bundestrainer Joachim Löw einen Narren an Mario Götze gefressen, obwohl dieser in fast allen Länderspielen der deutschen Nationalmannschaft gefloppt hat. Götze hat wohl mit seinem Siegtor im Endspiel der Fußballweltmeisterschaft in Brasilien den Zenit seines Ruhmes überschritten.  Weiterlesen

Schwein gehabt. Eine Autobiografie in Bildern

Schwein gehabt von Henryk M Broder

Schwein gehabt von Henryk M Broder

Pünktlich zum seinem 70. Geburtstag hat Henryk M. Broder seine Autobiografie „Schwein gehabt“ vorgelegt, Gott sei Dank in Bildern. Zusammengestellt hat diese Biografie, wie es im Innenteil des Buches heißt, Tim Maxeiner, ein in Frankfurt geborener und in San Pedro, Kalifornien, lebender Fotograf. Er war es auch, der Ordnung in Broders Kistenweise vorhandenen Schnappschüsse gebracht hat und sie zu einem gelungenen fotografischen Potpourri zusammengestellt hat. Neben Maxeiner haben Elke Schmitter und Leon de Winter viel Lobendes über Broder niedergeschrieben.  Weiterlesen

Henryk M. Broder wird 70: Happy Birthday!


Henryk M. Broder wird alt!

Im deutschen Journalismus stellt Henry M. Broder in jeder Beziehung ein Unikat dar. Er ist ein Polemiker von Allahs Gnaden und ein exzellenter Schreiberling. Er genießt als Jude und Zionist in Deutschland Narrenfreiheit. Ihm ist es erlaubt, sowohl die zionistisch-jüdischen Funktionäre in die Pfanne zu hauen, was für andere normal sterbliche Journalisten das Karriereende bedeuten würde, als auch darf er „Vergeßt Auschwitz“ fordern und die deutschen „Weltmeister“ der Erinnerungsindustrie und -wahn kritisieren, ohne dass man ihm das Übel nimmt. Jedermann weiß, von wem es kommt. Niemand nimmt den zionistisch-jüdischen „Hofnarren“ ernst, sondern amüsiert sich nur über ihn nach dem Motto: Ach, der Broder, vergesst ihn!  Weiterlesen