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Not President Trump, the Deep State Is a Threat to US Democracy

The Americans want the world to believe that their democracy is „exceptional,“ which indeed it is for real believers, but the US political system is also second to none in its political criminality, corruption and aggressiveness against states that don’t follow its orders. In this respect, there hasn’t been any difference between Democratic or Republican presidents.

Since Trump became the nominee of the GOP,  a conspiracy started against him that is unprecedented in modern American history. The then President Obama and its criminal Intel community, (Clapper and Brennan especially)  plus the FBI and the DOJ began to conspire against Trump using a dossier full of rubbish to get a warrant against one of Trump’s advisers, Carter Page, from a kangaroo court, which is called FISA. This plot gathered full speed after Trump won the election against the most dangerous, hawkish and corrupt candidate the US has ever seen, Hillary Clinton.

The top brass of the Deep State has been keeping on with their criminal and undemocratic endeavor after Trump took the oath of office. The leftovers of the Obama administration within the Deep State even have still the infamy and mendacity to threat a sitting president.

Chuck Schumer, the minority leader of the Democrats in the Senate, tried to intimidate the US President.  „Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,“ said Chuck Schumer Tuesday evening on MSNBC.

Even worse than Schumer former CIA counterterrorism official Phil Mudd threatened Trump on CNN was saying; „The workforce is going to look and this and say, this is an attack on our ability to investigate with integrity… The FBI people, I’m going to tell you, “are ticked” and they’re going to be saying, I guarantee you, “You think you can push this off this?”… You better think again, Mr. President. You’ve been around for 13 months. We’ve been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We’re going to win.“

Does it mean that Donald Trump could suffer the same fate as JFK to be killed by the CIA or any other US agency? The following video by Jimmy Dore, a Bernie Sanders supporter and one of the few authentic voices in American journalism, tells you more about the rottenness of the American political system and it’s „highly“ regarded institutions than any textbook, not to speak of the media.

The political corruptness and criminality of the Intel community, the FBI, and the DOJ is so appalling that a genuinely democratic minded person can’t swallow. Without the intensive collaboration of the fawning and corrupt mainstream media, this could have never happened. As a foreign political observer of US foreign and domestic politics, I only believe 5 percent what CNN is broadcasting. The NYT and the Post can write stories till Doomsday, but they will never change their minds on President Trump.

What they lacked was fairness a core principle of journalism. The vast majority of journalists worldwide had a bias towards Trump from day one. The following sentence of the renowned German journalist and TV anchorman Hanns Joachim Friedrichs should take the American journalists to heart. „A good journalist can be recognized by the fact that he does not associate with a cause, not even with a good one; that he is present everywhere, but doesn’t belong to it.“ Most US journalists are partisan.

There must be some heads rolling in Washington D. C.

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Fire and Fury. Gerüchte und Geschwätz aus dem Weißen Haus

Nach der Lektüre dieses Buches fragt man sich, warum das politische Washington das Buch von Michael Wolff so begeistert aufgenommen hat, obwohl es nichts anderes als Klatsch und Tratsch aus dem Weißen Hause zwischen zwei Buchdeckeln zusammengefasst hat. Dieses Geschwätz wurde bereits weitestgehend in der Regenbogenpresse breitgetreten. Dass man einen unseriösen Schreiberling wie Wolff so im Weißen Haus hofiert hat, spricht nicht gerade für die Professionalität des Personals. Das einzig Substantielle in dem Buch kam von Steve Bannon, Präsident Trumps „Chefstrategen“.

Das Buch war ein Mediencoup, der nur für den Autor lukrativ war. Dass Wolff nicht an Aufklärung interessiert ist, zeigt folgender  Ausspruch: “ Seth Rich ist tot und ich bin reich: Mann, was für eine großartige Welt! Die Leute wollen mein Buch, nicht die Wahrheit über Rich.“ Für die unaufgeklärte deutsche Öffentlichkeit nur so viel zur Hinrichtung von Seth Rich.  Weiterlesen

Michael Wolff’s „Fire and Fury“ – Gossip and Tittle-Tattle between two Boards

One wonders how the public got so thrilled by a book that combines all the D. C. gossip and tittle-tattle between two boards, which the tabloids published about Trump’s chaotic White House so far. The book was a media coup that only served the financial advantage of the author; it made him even more precious. The following statement says a lot about Michael Wolff’s motives: „Seth Rich is dead and I am rich: man, what a great world! People want my book, not the truth about Rich.“ Rich’s assassination is still in the dark, and it will never be solved. Cooperating with Wolff who as a journalist raises only eyebrows, sends a message to the readers that his sources are gossipers, and lots of stuff is just fantasy. The only substance came from Steve Bannon.  Weiterlesen

Will the Saudi-Israeli-US Alliance attack Iran?

The new „Axis of Evil“?

Israel, the USA, and Saudi Arabia are doing everything to lay the foundations for war against Iran. That is why Iran and its people must be demonized and dehumanized. The Israeli governments have been doing this since the Shah of Iran was overthrown by the Iranian people. In general, all Sunni Muslim countries get along very well with Iran, except the regime of Saudi Arabia and those Arab regimes that succumb to their financial pressure, which doesn’t surprise anybody because they collaborate closely with the Zionist regime such as Egypt.

In a flattering interview with the New York Times, the Saudi crown prince and future king, Mohammed bin Salman, called the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, the „new Hitler of the Middle East.“ And he continued with a skewed comparison, saying: “But we learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East.” The same rhetoric used Netanyahu when he agitated against the nuclear deal with Iran.  Weiterlesen

Steve Bannon: „I’m proud to be a Christian Zionist“

By Courtesy of MWC News. In the left background: Alan Dershowitz.

For these words, Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist to President Donald J. Trump and currently Executive Chairman of Breitbart News Network, received standing ovations at the annual gala of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) at the Hyatt in New York City.

ZOA, the extreme right-wing Zionist organization, has been for Trump and Bannon right from the start. Besides Bannon, other Zionist extremists attended the event, among them Alan Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor and a Zionist bigot, Tom Cotton, Rep. Senator from Arkansas and the darling of the Zionist Israel lobby. He earned some fame initiating a childish letter to the Iranian leadership defaming the Iran nuclear deal. Joe Liebermann also attended who is famous for his extreme one-sided Israel support. And last but not least, America’s ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who de facto serves instead as Israel’s ambassador to the US.

When Bannon joint the Trump campaign and rose to influence in the White House, liberal Jewish organizations and the liberal political class, in general, libeled Bannon an „anti-Semite,“ „Racist“, „White Supremacist“ you name it, whereas the ZOA stuck by Bannon, especially Alan Dershowitz.  Weiterlesen

Krieg und Chaos in Nahost. Eine Arabische Sicht

„Dieses Buch versteht sich grundsätzlich als Lebenslauf des Todes im Nahen Osten des letzten Vierteljahrhunderts aus arabischer Sicht“, schreibt Aktham Suliman in seiner „Gebrauchsanweisung“ zum Verständnis dieses Buches. Wer eine verbissene Abrechnung des Deutsch-Syrers mit dem Westen erwartet, wird schnell eines Besseren belehrt.

Obgleich der Nahe Osten wie kaum eine andere Region vom Westen militärisch heimgesucht, malträtiert und verwüstet worden ist, scheint der Autor gegenüber dem Wesen keinen Groll zu hegen. Im Gegenteil: Er erzählt nicht nur seine persönliche Geschichte, sondern die der Region mit Witz, emotionalem Engagement und einer gehörigen Portion Ironie. Zur Beurteilung der Politik des Westens wäre m. E. manchmal eher Zynismus und Sarkasmus angebrachter gewesen, um die Doppelmoral, Verlogenheit, Menschenverachtung und Brutalität der USA und seiner westlichen Satellitenstaaten zu beschreiben. In diesen Kategorien scheint Suliman aber nicht zu denken.

Aktham Suliman war zehn Jahre Deutschlandkorrespondent des arabischen Nachrichtensenders Al-Dschasira, bis er im Sommer 2012 auf eigenen Wunsch den Sender verließ, weil dieser zunehmend tendenziöse Berichterstattung ausstrahlt. Von der alternativen Berichterstattung zu CNN und BBC scheint nicht mehr viel übrig geblieben zu sein. Al-Dschasira wird vom Emir von Katar alimentiert, und das Land beherbergt die größte US-Militärbasis im Nahen Osten. Berühmt wurde der Sender durch seine differenzierte Berichterstattung über den „Krieg gegen den Terror“ in Afghanistan und die Folgen des US-Überfalls auf Irak. Zu dieser Zeit dachte US-Präsident George W. Bush kurzfristig darüber nach, den Sender bombardieren zu lassen!  Weiterlesen

Hillary Clintons Eitelkeit und Selbstüberschätzung in „What Happened“

Wie es scheint, hat Hillary Clinton immer noch nicht verstanden, was am 8. November 2016 passiert ist. Dass kaum Vorstellbare war eingetroffen: Das amerikanische Volk wollte sie nicht als 45. US-Präsidentin, was für ein Segen für Amerika.

Hillary Clinton war schon immer Spitze darin, anderen – außer sich selbst – die Schuld in die Schuhe zu schieben. So macht die Verliererin Donald Trump, die Konservativen, Wahlbetrug, die Bedauernswerten (deplorables),  Russische Hacker, Sexismus, Frauenfeindlichkeit, selbst Barack Obama, das Amerikanische Wahlsystem, Bernie Sanders, den Klimawandel, Wassermann-Schultz und alle anderen für ihre Wahlniederlage verantwortlich nur nicht sich selbst und ihre korrupte Umgebung.

Mit dieser schrägen Botschaft tingelt sie durch die Medien und einige Kirchengemeinden, um aus ihrem absolut wertlosen Buch Kapital zu schlagen. Dass die Medien sich dafür prostituieren, zeigt die Verkommenheit dieser Klasse. Bevor Hillary Clinton alle anderen für die Niederlage verantwortlich macht, sollten sie und ihr Ehemann Bill vor ihrer eigenen Tür kehren und den eigenen Augiasstall ausmisten.  Weiterlesen

Trump attacks North Korea and Iran at the UN

Trump and Netanyahu on their Way to War.

Donald Trump’s appearance before the General Assembly of the United Nations could have been a rare highlight of his chaotic young presidency. If Trump had just repeated his inauguration address, the audience would have burst out in gales of laughter. Instead, they countered his bluster not only against North Korea and Iran but also against the UN body as a whole with broad silence. Trump tried to be serious, but instead, he presented himself as the most dangerous President ever in US history. He went after the North Korean regime as the devil himself would run it. The Iranian government followed suit. In the bashing and demonization of other governments, the US has always been top. That America comes „first“ and that his administration has been successful were among his nicest bravados.

Trump spoke exactly the truth about his nation. „Rogue regimes represented in this body not only support terrorists but threaten other countries and their people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity.“ Don’t the US support terrorist regimes such as the Saudi and the Israeli ones, which threatens other nations and peoples with annihilation and spread terrorism in the region and the Saudi case worldwide? Haven’t the US caused havoc to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen?  Weiterlesen

What Happened to Hillary Clinton?

It seems as if Hillary Clinton hadn’t grasped what happened on 8 November 2016 when she lost the election to Donald J. Trump. „What Happened“ blames everybody else for the defeat except the loser, Hillary Rodham Clinton. That is why the book belongs to the category of Science Fiction.

The author’s primary concern is her apology and the finger-pointing at others. She blames Trump, the Conservatives, Voter Fraud, Angry Voters, the Deplorable, Russian Hackers, Sexism, Misogyny, Barack Obama, the Electoral System (College), Bernie Sanders, Climate Change, Wassermann-Schultz and all the rest of the crowd. With this message, she hoofs through churches and the main networks where her friends give her a helping hand for her empty talk. Why doesn’t she and her husband Bill put their own house in order before blaming everybody else?

Why didn’t she shed some light on the murder of Seth Rich who worked for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and was executed on 10 July 2016? Why did her husband Bill tried to meet with the then time Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the airport in Arizona in camera but was spotted by a local reporter? Why did her campaign and the Clinton-controlled  DNC steal the Primaries from Bernie Sanders? Why did Clinton speak to Wall Street Banksters differently that in public? Why did she call rural Americans contemptibly „Deplorable“? Why did use her private server as Secretary of State knowing it was illegal? What did she want to cover up? Why didn’t talk about the tons of money the Saudis donate to the Clinton Foundation? Which benefits has she granted to them?

The Basket of the real Deplorable!

Clinton still has the guts to blame „Russian hacking“ or former FBI Director Comey’s handling of her scandal as main reasons for her loss. It’s the first anniversary of the ridiculous claim that Russia meddled in the election. So far, neither the 17 Intelligence Agencies nor Special Prosecutor Mueller came up with the slightest evidence, although the media or the Clintons spread this lie as a fact.

„What Happened“ is whiny, self-centered,  without distant and dull. One gets the impression as if a spoiled high school brat didn’t get its way. At every page, she reflects her vanity how great she is and what the American People missed not having put her into the White House. Thanks to the „Deplorable“ that she didn’t get there. God forbid a translation into other languages.

By the way; Amazon is just deleting tons of critical reviews of Hillary Clinton’s highly problematic book, and they block further critical reviews. Everybody should protest.

On the „new“ Middle East Policy of the Trump Administration

Trumps „neue“ Nahostpolitik!

Kein US-Präsident hat in so kurzer Zeit für so viel Chaos und Irritationen nicht nur in den USA, sondern auch in den internationalen Beziehungen gesorgt wie Donald J. Trump. Bei aller Kritik an Trump darf man ihm zugutehalten, dass Europa ein neues Feindbild hat. Ein anderer positiver Nebeneffekt, den die Trump-Hysterie ausgelöst hat, ist der Niedergang der Populisten, insbesondere in Frankreich, Großbritannien und in Deutschland.

Dass die amerikanischen und europäischen Medien eine beispiellose Dämonisierung von Trump betreiben, hat viel mit der unerwarteten Wahlniederlage von Hillary Clinton zu tun. Die mediale Klasse hatte sich eine Welt zurechtgelegt, die mit der US-Wirklichkeit wenig zu tun hatte. Vor den Machenschaften der Clintons wurden die Augen verschlossen, obwohl ihre Skandale himmelschreiend sind. Ein möglicher Vorwahlsieg von Bernie Sanders, Clintons Gegenkandidat, wurde von der Demokratischen Parteiführung regelrecht „gestohlen“. Neben ihrer absoluten Unglaubwürdigkeit kam ihre Geringschätzung für die einfachen Leute in dem Begriff der „deplorables“ (die Bedauernswerten) zum Ausdruck. New York City und Los Angeles repräsentieren eben nicht die gesamte USA.  Weiterlesen