Oriented – A Documentary

The documentary „Oriented“ shows three gay Palestinian Israeli citizens who live in Tel Aviv. Jake Witzenfeld produced the film before the Israeli massacre in the Gaza Strip in 2014 and it revolves around the question of identity. Gay Palestinians find it difficult to be accepted by their own society, but they feel almost the same discrimination in liberal Tel Aviv because they are not Israelis and Jews. Despite their feeling discriminated by Zionist Israel, the film is free of any of usual clichés towards Palestinians.

The three protagonists, Khadar, Fadi and Naim, living in Tel Aviv, exploring how they can teach their families that they are gay. Khadar and Fadi have Israeli friends. However, you are aware that they are still not recognized as equal citizens in a society dominated by Zionism. Fadi feels guilty because he has fallen in love with an Israeli soldier. „I’m in love with the enemy.“

Palestinian society makes a „coming out“ for guys very difficult. Even in a future fictional Palestinian state the three might not be welcomed. They have established the group „Qambuta“ that fights against sexual discrimination and ethnic stereotypes. Khadar, Fadi and Naim hope that in the near future such identities are no longer relevant.

„Oriented“ is very moving. The Israeli society should just accept Israeli-Palestinian gays as the do with Jewish ones because Israel is their state too.


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