US and Western Double Standards with regards to Russia and Israel

US and Western Double Standards!

Israel’s brutal, oppressive regime calls on over 1 Million Palestinians in the open-air prison of Gaza to walk to the Egyptian border in the South to increase the pressure on Egypt to open up its border crossing to get rid of another 1 Million Palestinians. They will never return to the Gaza Strip if they are in Egypt. Israel will never allow one so-called refugee to return to their homeland, although most of these people have been ethnically cleansed by the Zionist regime in 1948. Their land is in historic Palestine, which Zionist settler colonialists have conquered. There are voices in Israel calling  „to finish the job,“ which means that the ethnic cleansing of 1948 hasn’t been completed. Now, it’s time to get the job done.

PM Benyamin Netanyahu compared the attack on Israel by Hamas freedom fighters to Pearl Harbor, which is historically not only totally off the mark but also intended towards the Biden regime to give Israel Carte blanche in crushing the Palestinians‘ freedom and independence fight forever. So far, Israel has killed over 2200 Palestinians during its bombing raid, basically civilians and many children. None of the representatives of the so-called „value West“ had the guts to condemn Israel’s rampage or call for restraint. The Netanyahu regime acts like a colonial power gone wild.

CODEPINK asks its supporters to intervene on Capitol Hill to call for an immediate ceasefire. The Zionist regime ordered the Palestinians to evacuate their healthcare facilities. This order is a „death sentence“ for the patients. Instead of sending deadly weaponry to the Apartheid and occupation regime in Israel, the US should force Israel to behave like a „civilized“ nation. Israel’s defense minister Yoav Gallant called the Palestinians „human animals“; however, Israel’s former UN ambassador Danny Danon doubled down on BBC’s „HARDtalk“ calling the Palestinians „barbaric animals“. Interviewer Steven Sucker didn’t object to this blatant racism and Nazi terminology.

Every sacrifice is one too many, and the attack on civilians by Hamas can’t be justified, but also, can’t the deaths of civilians by Israel through the most sophisticated US weaponry be legitimized? The US has also blood on its hands because they have been arming the Zionist regime to its teeth. Also, the European Union, especially Germany, is guilty of delivering Submarines to Israel, partly as a gift, which can be equipped with nuclear weapons, of which Israel has over 200 warheads. Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock are supporting the Netanyahu regime unconditionally. However, Germany’s lesson from the horrific Holocaust and role in international relations should instead be a moderator and admonisher and not a supplier of deadly weaponry for an occupation regime that has been suppressing the Palestinian people since it came into existence.

Under the government of Scholz/Baerbock/Habeck/Lindner, Germany has lost its moral compass. It supports the Nazi regime in Ukraine unconditionally to the detriment of the people in Germany and gives Israel a blank check for the destruction of the Gaza Strip. It appears that Germany hasn’t learned the proper lessons from the Holocaust.

The lesson for any decent people should be to resist and repudiate the endless propaganda by Western media outlets. The people should know well what happened since 9/11. US Secretary of State Colin Powel lied to the UN about the fake nuclear weapons of Iraq, which led to millions of deaths. When US President George W. Bush declared the so-called „war on terror,“ Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Yemen became chaotic. Resistance to the brainwashing of the public and the fight against the war-mongering propaganda by Western media should be a top priority.