No solidarity with Israel!

Doesn’t Gaza look like Warsaw?

Having read Chris Hedges’s article on „The Death of Israel“ and listened to his speech „The Genocide in Gaza,“ it downed upon me that there can’t be any solidarity with such a brutal regime.  Israel’s behavior can’t be justified by the dubious term „Staatsräson“ raison d’état.

Chris Hedges quoted the famous Jewish philosopher Yeshayahu  Leibowitz warning Israel to separate church and state and end the occupation. Both the Zionist leadership didn’t comply with this. The Rabbinate warped Judaism into a fascistic Zionist cult. According to Leibowitz, such an Israel „would not deserve to exist, and it will not be worthwhile to preserve it.“ Leibowitz called the Zionist occupiers „Judeo-Nazis.“ After this remark, the late Yitzhak Rabin refused him the Israel Price.

The Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein called Israel on different occasions a „lunatic state.“ Looking at some of Benyamin Netanyahu’s ministers, Finkelstein’s classification materializes perfectly.

The world watches in real time a massacre of Palestinian children and women. There are over 7000 children and over 5500 women killed. The total number of deaths exceeds 19500. Do these numbers justify the attack by Hamas on Israel that caused the end of 1200 Israelis and wounded over 5400? What’s shocking is the one-sided dumbness of the so-called „value-west“ leaders. They lamented only over the Israelis killed by Hamas—these self-righteous „value-driven“ Western leaders are complicit in the mass murder of over 19500 innocent civilians. Israel has been killing ten times the number of children in two months than in the two-year-long war between Russia and Ukraine!

Not only the leaders of the Zionist state must be brought before the ICC but also the US leadership, with Joe Biden leading the way. The Zionist state kills Palestinians with US weaponry and behaves like a savage colonial power. The US did not even have the guts to agree to the UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Israel tries to silence public criticism with the anti-Semitism club. All the mass protests in Western capitals are slandered as „anti-Semitism.“ They have nothing to do with this form of racism; the people give vent to their anger. But the Zionist Israel lobby and their handlers in politics and media work overtime to keep the leaderships in the US and Europe in line. And these folks are obedient to the lobbies‘ orders. Whether these stooges will keep mum when the Zionists cleanse ethnically Gaza remains to be seen.

I’m looking forward to the first courageous politician who calls a spade a spade.