The US and Germany rebuff South Africa’s Genocide charge against Israel

Annalena Baerbock’s greatest foreign policy success is „Toilet Colonialism“ for Africa. Poor Svenja Schulze!

The Joe Biden regime rebuffed South Africa’s indictment against Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian People, which is no surprise. Philip Geradi asks the right question on the UNZ review: „Who owns you, Joe, and why are your top officials lying about what is happening?“ For the deranged guy in the White House applies extenuating circumstances. Joe Biden is an ardent Zionist. When he visited Israel as Vice President under the Obama regime, he said: „Happy to be back at home.“ How subservient and disgusting for a representative of a then-time empire. At that time, the Israeli dog had wagged the US’s tail since Lyndon B. Johnson.

The US deputy representative of the US mission to the UN cast a veto against a permanent ceasefire by saying „we.“ Usually, he should have said, „I.“ „We“ implies US collaboration with the murderous Zionist regime. In the future, the US regime will have a huge credibility problem. Such a problem is having all Western countries, which consider themselves „value-based.“ If these are the values of the West, one makes you want to throw up.

A similar hypocrisy takes place in Germany. The Germans still have a „hangover“ because of their terrible treatment of European Jewry, disabled human beings, gay people, Gypsies, and „subhumans“ generally. However, such a gruesome past doesn’t disqualify Germany from criticizing Israel or its patron, the US, for their political behavior. and their disdain for international law.

Right now, Germany is run by a bunch of incompetent, ignorant Israeli and US lackeys. The German foreign minister, Annaena Baerbock, who can hardly speak correct German, rebuffed South Africa’s claim against the genocide of Israel at the ICJ. Namibia’s president reacted very undiplomatically to Germany’s move. Perhaps Baerbock doesn’t have any clue of Germany’s genocidal past in Namibia.

She is obsessed with a so-called feminist foreign policy, which is nothing else than „toilet colonialism.“ Tony Blinken is Annaleana Baerbock’s teacher, who speaks for Tony! The whole world laughs about her; only Berlin hasn’t realized the laughter jet.

This German government does everything that its US master tells it. Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the political class don’t ask questions about the US’s demolition of Nord Stream-2-pipeline. They don’t mind that the US still has 34.000 occupation forces in Germany, although the country got its „sovereignty“ after the Soviet Union collapsed. The Biden regime still treated Germany as its colony, and nobody disagreed.

„The plan by America’s „best friend“ and „closest ally“ to nuke the world even has a name: „The Samson Option,“ recalling how the Biblical strongman Samson brought down the temple where the Philistines were mocking him, killing thousands of them. So maybe Joe Biden should be thinking long and hard about how and with whom he is getting our country set up to go to war. Or just maybe it is already too late!“ The German political class will follow his US master in passive obedience.