Novichok Museum or to cover up Evidence?

The Home of the Skripals in Salisbury.

The British government is going to by not only the house of the Skripal’s in Salisbury but also that of policeman Nick Bailey. The first one costs 350.000 Pounds, the second one 430.00 Pounds. All in all, the British taxpayer has to pay almost 1 Mio. Euros.

There had been found driblets of „Novichok“ at the door handle, and the policeman found the Skripals sleeping on a park bench, the contamination must have been all over the place. What does the British government want to do with these intoxicated houses? Do they want to establish a Novichok museum or does the government want to hide non-existent evidence? Do they want to tear these houses down and send the debris to Russia? The British government should place these funds more useful and spend it for the victims of the Grenfell tower.

After three months, the Brits haven’t come up with no evidence. The Skripals are out of the hospital but held under a kind of house arrest by the British intelligence agency. They are not allowed to talk to anybody; perhaps they have to get brainwashed to say the politically correct things. The government-controlled Western media have long forgotten this made up nerve gas attack and are eager to expect the next sarin-gas attack by the terrorists in Syria to blame it on the Assad government.

The whole Skripal affair was a well-orchestrated scam by Western intelligence agencies to blame Russia and President Putin.

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