Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

Miko Peled, the IDF is „the best trained, best equipped, best fed terrorist organization in the world“.

The Zionist regime in Israel is trampling around its self-proclaimed democratic and Jewish values. To call this regime democratic or Jewish is a yoke. Israel is turning into a right-wing, nationalistic ethnocracy where the policy of the country and its authorities are controlled by one ethnic group; the Jews. Almost all criminal acts, committed by the political class or the security establishment against the colonized Palestinians are legitimized or whitewashed by the courts. Racist laws are implemented and land grab becomes the norm. The Israeli state and its institutions have been hijacked by colonialist, i. e. the settlers. They are in the process of capturing the High Court in Israel. Ran HaCohen provides an important but only a limited insight into a much broader phenomenon that should arise harsh protest by the few remaining democracies around the world. If Israel doesn’t stop this racist endeavor, the international community of states should think about a total boycott of this racist Israeli government and its top brass.

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