„The White Helmets“, an al-Qaida Affiliate, wins an OSCAR

Hollywood and the „White Helmets“ are united in fake!

Hollywood is the largest manufacturing facility for fake news. Every year, they are throwing out hundreds of products that are fake and have nothing to do with reality. Consequently, their awards, the Oscars, are awarded to fake products. It’s not surprising that a fake humanitarian organization in Syria, the „White Helmets“, received this award for the „best“ foreign language documentary. Fake comes to fake. Propaganda and deception come to propaganda and deception.

Everything around the „White Helmets“ is fake. It’s a foreign transplant and a propaganda tool of Western powers. Almost 100 percent of the story about this „humanitarian“ organization is untrue. There are hardly any Syrians involved. The „White Helmets“ were initiated by the British military contractor James LeMesurier and is funded (about $100 million) by the different Western governments such as the American, the British, the German and other ones. It’s a NATO ghost organization. The members are not volunteers, they are well paid. The „White Helmets“ have no telephone number in Syria. If one wants to get in touch with them, one has to contact Al-Qaida. Their headquarter is alongside Al-Qaida’s. The Real Syria Civil Defence can be reached by dialing 113 inside Syria. 

The „White Helmets“ have little to do with Syria. The campaign is based in New York City, and the manager is an Irish-American woman, named Anna Nolan, who has never been to Syria. Even their website is fake. They beefed it up with video footage from a documentary produced by the BBC in 2010 that showed dancing kids and education under the Assad government. Videos are spread that show staged rescue operations.

After the terrorists left Aleppo, the „White Helmets“ went with them in the mountainous region above Damascus in order to help to poison and shutting off water sources. The documentary is a total manipulation. His producer has never set foot on Syrian soil. The video footage plays in Southern Turkey where the trainees relaxing in a hotel and talking on cell phones.

The Pentagon has a liaison office in Hollywood and they pay for propaganda movies and supply military hardware if need be. The promoters of this fake organization who run it will perhaps receive some extra million US-Dollars for their „fine“ job. What this whole show revealed to the world is the interconnectedness and the boldness of the Western political and cultural class with the terror organizations in Syria.

For years, the alternative media has been exposing the „White Helmets“ as „one of the largest, most complex war propaganda operations“ created by Western powers. The independent British journalist Vanessa Beeley went to Aleppo and learned that the „White Helmets“ never helped civilians but only wounded terrorists from Al-Qaida and the al-Nusra-Front. There is a real civil defense in Syria. The White Helmets are supporters of terrorists which disguised themselves as paramedics. The organization is another mosaic in the joint struggle of the West and the terrorist organizations against the legitimate Syrian government.  The fact that Hollywood was hoodwinked by the producer of this fake documentary shows how closely this media conglomerate is interwoven with the rulers in Washington and its NATO allies. It’s a shame.

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