Saudi Arabia and Israel are Best Buddies

Best Buddies! Photo credits: IHT.

That the Zionist and the Saudi regime are cooperating very closely and intensively is all over town. They have a common enemy: Iran. So, Israel doesn’t mind supporting the most radical, anti-democratic, fundamentalist, and repressive regime on the face of the earth. Besides that, both regimes are not that different. In the last decade under the Netanyahu reign, Israel has become so fundamentalist that one can hardly differentiate this government from the Iranian one, not to speak of the Saudi regime. Radical Jewish right-wing extremists infiltrating all ranks of the state, especially the military, and have hijacked the Netanyahu government through the Bennett’s Jewish Home party.

Compared to Saudi Arabia, Iran is a fully fledged Muslim democracy with regular elections on all levels of society. The Saudis have no votes whatsoever and oppress not only its Sunni but especially its Shiite population. Western media do not report on the daily attacks against Saudi installations. The Saudi regime is going to execute 13 Shiites again in the coming days. Western protests: Nil. 

Israel, which is the self-proclaimed „only democracy in the Middle East,“ can only fool their Western supports with this slogan. Israel has become a significant liability not only to the US but Western interests across the Middle East. The country is heavily involved in causing havoc in their neighborhood such as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Kurdistan.

The latest indication of this close cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia is Israel’s intent to shut down Al-Jazeera, the Qatari news network that has been a nuisance to the ruling dictators in the Middle East. To silence this network has long been on the list of the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the other Arab dictatorships. At the height of the US attack and its atrocities in Iraq, George W. Bush contemplated openly on bombing Al-Jazeera.

But in the case of Israel, it’s different. By closing down the Qatari network, the Zionist Netanyahu-regime wants to do the Saudis a big favor because both countries still want to push the US into war with Iran. The way to this disastrous road would be the canceling of the Iranian nuclear deal that Obama and the other nations signed with Iran. Israel and the Saudis are strongly opposed to this agreement. Al-Jazeera’s political analyst Marwan Bishara stated recently: „Israel is taking its cues from Saudi dictators.“

Perhaps US President Donald Trump is that stupid to walk into this Israeli-Saudi trap. The US has already paid a high price for its illegal attacks across the Middle East. Why should the American people take the bullet for these two rogue regimes? When Saudi Arabia and Israel want to attack Iran, the tens of thousands of their decadent princes should fight together with the Israeli army. So far, Saudi Arabia was unable to defeat a bunch of Houthi tribesmen in Yemen.

To shut down Al-Jazeera in Israel is not that easy as in the Arab dictatorial regimes. In Israel, at least, a due process is still required. What a strange coincidence, the office of Al-Jazeera is in the same building that houses the Israeli government press office. To shut down Al-Jazeera in Israel would also close a window to the Muslim population that only the Qatari network can provide. Or does Netanyahu wants to detract from his legal and political difficulties that he is facing, and Al-Jazeera serve as the useful bogeyman?

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