Jill Stein Would Make an Excellent US President

The White House should be turned into a „Green House“. The US administration gives a rogue ally 8 million US Dollars a day for its vile subjugation of an impoverished Palestinian people.  40 million Americans are living under the poverty line! Hillary Clinton, the „Chaos Queen“ of US politics, has promised to elevate the American-Israeli relations to a „new level“. Does this mean even more money for oppression or the promise to attack Iran for the sake of Israel? A Jill Stein administration should disassociate the US Empire not only from Israel but also of the other rogue allies such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Turkey, Ukraine and their ilk. All these countries should be boycotted.

Israel is not a special ally to the US but a very special liability. „I don’t think that we are doing Israel a favor by condoning a policy that makes Israel very insecure, that makes Israel the target of hostility from its neighbors and in fact  the current government, the Netanyahu government has a sponsor from someone, a casino magnate, living here in the US and is funding and supporting a very aggressive and hostile policy, he is not even living there.  I don’t think that is good for someone to be influencing Israeli policy when they don’t have to live with the consequences.“  Perhaps the casino mogul from Las Vegas should pay 5 billion US Dollars a year to the racist Netanyahu government like the US government does. In a couple of years, all his money would be gone.

When the moderator asked Stein whether Israel is a special ally of the US, she replied that all allies of the US are special. Stein was smart enough of not walking into the trap of the moderator. According to Stein, all the countries are part of the human family and have to work for the benefit of all the people. To support a government that violates international law and all human rights standards doesn’t the United States of America a favor.

The American People should elect Jill Stein the next US President instead of a fake feminist in the guise of a warmonger.

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