Israel’s Hitman: the Abbas Police?


Ahmad Izz Halaweh before and after the treatment by the Abbas Police! Courtesy of AHT.

The Palestinian police arrested Ahmad Izz Halaweh. In custody, he has been beaten to death. At his funeral, they fired at the mourners. Halaweh was a prominent Fatah-leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade in Nablus who was the third killed by the Abbas police within three days. Halaweh was suspected as being the main suspect in a shootout with Palestinian police that left two policemen dead. The Israel oppressor can be happy with such an obedient executioner that kill its own resistance fighters. 

The Abbas regime has learned from its Israeli counterpart. The murderers  are now investigating their own hit such as the Israelis did with the massacre in Gaza in 2014. These investigations produce only innocents. Everyone knows that nothing will come out of such kind of investigations. The head of the UN Human Rights Office, James Heenan, showed his concerns about the brutal mistreatment of prisoners in Palestinian jails.

Hamas condemned the brutal killing and the oppression of the people of Palestine by the Abbas regime. That Munir al-Jaghoub, head of the media of the Fatah movement, did see this killing differently doesn’t surprise anyone. He accused Hamas of distorting the facts and emphasized that Fatah is „fighting all corruption that threatens the safety of Palestinian people“. How can a totally corrupt Fatah elite make such a claim, which lives in clover at the cost of the ordinary Palestinian folks that has to suffer under the boots of the Israeli occupier?

Everyone knows that the Abbas regime is collaborating intensively with the Israeli occupying regime in order to safeguard its privileges. In order to make the occupier happy, the Palestinian Authority (PA) follows a revolving door policy, which funnels Palestinians from its own jails to Israeli ones.

The extrajudicial killings are not a Palestinian „specialty“ but primarily an Israeli one. Elor Azaria, who killed a wounded Palestinian in cold blood in Hebron a few weeks ago is now facing trial. The charges were downgraded from murder to manslaughter. As the lawsuit progresses, it looks good for the murderer. Defense minister Avigdor Liberman does everything in his power to get a non-guilty verdict by speaking out for the soldiers on duty and their adherence to the regular procedures that include the killing of so-called terrorists, which means Elor Azaria has done nothing unlawful. If this viewpoint prevails, Azaria will be acquitted or freed on parole.

The latest confrontation between the occupier and the occupied left 218 Palestinians and 32 Israelis dead. The Israeli Human Rights Organization B’Tselem accused the Israeli soldiers of acting as „judge, jury, and executioner“.

Shortly, there will be communal elections in the West Bank. Election forecasts predict a victory of Hamas. Most likely,  Israel will not accept a Hamas victory such as in 2006 when Israel and the U. S. government forced Abbas to a coup against the democratically elected Hamas government. Israel and the U. S. government used Israeli agent Mohammed Dahlan to instigate a putsch against Hamas in Gaza that failed because Hamas got scant of the coup and forced Dahlan and his putschists out of Gaza.

When the PA thinks to soothe the right-wing Netanyahu government to resume negotiations,  they harbor illusions. The Zionist establishment will engage in endless negotiations until the end only ghettos will remain, where the Palestinians will languish. Freedom and self-determination can only be achieved by fighting.

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