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What about Racism in Israel?

The International Football Association (FIFA) announced the dissolution of its anti-racism committee. The reasons given; the committee has finished its work! The recommendations had been implemented and were included in the program of FIFA, said Fatma Samoura, General Secretary of the organization.

However, racism in stadiums is rampant such as in Israel. One should just watch a soccer game from Beitar whose fans went wild after one Muslim player scored a goal. Beitar is the most right-wing club in Israel and its fans are right-wing extremists. In 2019, the World Championship takes place in Russia where racist incidents in stadiums happen quite often.

The decision of FIFA has been criticized, inter alia, by the British anti-racist group „Kick it out“ as „ridiculous“ and „disgraceful“. Also, Jordanian Prince Ali al-Husseini, who run against Sepp Blatter,  criticized the decision as too early because „the fight against racism is way from over“. The scandalous former FIFA boss Blatter inserted the anti-racism committee and his successor Gianni Infantino dissolved it. It seems that the „new“ FIFA goes back to the times before Sepp Blatter.

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