Voices from Syria

Slowly but surely, the truth about the planned attack on Syria by Western powers under the leadership of the US Empire and its allies comes to the fore. For too long, the mainstream media held the monopoly on reporting about this havoc inflicted by the West together with its terrorist partners such as ISIS, al-Nusra front, and so-called moderate rebels in Syria. Especially the Obama administration pampered the last one. As the public knows by now, there hasn’t been such a thing as „moderate rebels.“

That the public in the West could have been so misinformed, was the fault of CNN, BBC, NYT and other media outlets. They prostituted themselves to the power elite in Washington D. C. Independent reporting was not their task. They were part of the international war party, which wanted to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to establish another Islamic dictatorship according to the Saudi Arabian model. Already in August 2011, President Obama said, „Assad must go.“ Assad is still alive and kicking, and Obama is old news. 

The Western propaganda machine didn’t even flinch from creating a false humanitarian organization, named „The White Helmets.“ A British intelligence officer established it, and Western powers poured in 100 million US dollars. These folks were, in fact, al-Qaida affiliates disguised as paramedics. They operated in East Aleppo, long held by different terrorist organizations. The biggest fake-producing company, Hollywood, even awarded an „Oscar“ to „The White Helmets.“ The British journalist Vanessa Beeley was the first who disclosed this charade. „The White Helmets“ cared only about wounded terrorists.

Besides these reports, Mark Taliano’s Book „Voices from Syria“ brings another aspect to a wider audience. Taliano, who is a Canadian investigative reporter and works as a research assistant at the „Centre for Research on Globalization“ (CRG), shows an entirely different reality about Syria. He gives ordinary Syrians a voice. He reveals that the Western powers undermined the Syrian government and exposed it to attack. Apparently, the West has been fighting against the „criminal Assad regime“ while, simultaneously, combating Islamic terrorists.

In his foreword, the director of CRG, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, emphasizes the concern of the author, namely, „what unites humanity with the Syrian people in their struggle against foreign aggression.“ Taliano was interested in the „mystery“ of the courage and resilience of the Syrian people to endure six years of NATO-sponsored terrorist and „peacemaking“ airstrikes that devastated the civil infrastructure. Strikingly, is the author’s documentation of the fight of the Syrian people against „NATO-terrorism.“

Taliano’s book dispels several Western myths: The so-called „war on terrorism“ is a fraud. The US and its coalition partners have created ISIS as stooges in the first place to bring about a regime change in Syria. The West mocked its aggression as „humanitarianism“ to create heaviest crimes. That this aggression violates international law goes without saying. Without the massive propaganda support of the mainstream media, the „news“ could not have spread that Assad oppresses and murders his people. If that had been the case, Assad would be gone long ago. The book shows that Assad has the support of the majority of the Syrians.

The author has good advice to the media: „The mainstream media must reinvent itself. They must stop spreading war propaganda, and they must begin to report truths based on evidence.“ His book provides a convincing testimony to the bravery and resilience of the Syrian people, who have been fighting against an alliance of Western aggressors and Islamic terrorists for over six years. The fact that one of the oldest cultural nations of the world is bombed back to the Middle Ages by the West and its Arab allies is not only a colossal war crime but also a crime against humanity. The book corrects a large part of Western propaganda claims on Syria. Very readable and revealing.

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