The London High-rise burns and burns and won’t Collapse!

A High-rise in London keeps on burning without collapsing. By contrast, the Twin Towers in NYC dissolved into dust after one hour! What about the laws of physics in London and NYC?

How come that the London high-rise hasn’t collapsed yet? It has been burning since one o’clock at night, i. e. for almost 14 hours., and it keeps on burning.

How come the Twin Towers in New York City collapsed and dissolved into dust after one hour being hit by unidentified objects?

Why does physics works in London and not in NYC?

How come that the American media class is not interested in the elucidation of the 9/11 incidents?

Why do the American people still believe in the fairytales of the Bush administration and made-up story of the 9/11 Commission Report?

So far, no burning high-rise in the whole world has ever collapsed, not to speak of dissolving into dust.

Are the United States of America an enlightened nation or a Mediaeval one? As the Shining City on the Hill, they are obliged to clarify all the contradictions surrounding the largest conspiracy against the American people.

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