The Plot to Scapegoat Russia

The CIA, the Clinton gang, the liberal media mafia and the Deep State have started a conspiracy against President Donald Trump. All the talk about Russian hacks is a sting. The author deconstructs the criminality of the US political system which makes the Russian system looks fabulous. The US media and the political crooks try to do everything to stop Trump’s Detente towards Russia. Since President Putin has stopped the plundering of Russia under the boozer Yeltsin by the CIA and financial sharks, the demonization of Putin began. One gets the impression as if he is the devil himself.

Not Russia is the greatest threat to the corrupt American democracy but the CIA and the other Intel agencies, plus the „highly regarded“ FBI. The Russian hack story is a ruse to excuse Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat and to whitewash the illegal and criminal behavior of vast areas of the Democratic Party. How come that the so-called liberal media kept mum during the Obama and the Clinton rampage in Libya, Syria and the rest of the Middle East? Dan Kovalik unmasks the hypocrisy of this elitist class.

Highly recommended!

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