Is Netanyahu’s Son an „anti-Semite“?

An interesting cartoon. Screenshot from Facebook.

Has Israel an anti-Semitism problem? This question is all the more urgent when Yair Netanyahu, the son of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has posted a caricature on his Facebook account that shows the billionaire George Soros as a conspirator against his family.

This collage fulfills all the criteria of an anti-Semitic cartoon that the Nazis could not have done better. The caricature bewitches George Soros as the „dark power“ that pulls strings in the background. However, this insinuation of Yair Netanyahu is not out of thin air. There are constant rumors in the air that Soros is behind the organized mass immigration with his „Open Society“ to Europe, especially to Germany. Further rumors circulate that he is financially supportive of the organized wave of refugees across the Mediterranean. His intent might be to destabilize  Europe and Germany.

Germany has made its painful experiences with anti-Semitism. As a result, it has developed seismographic abilities, which immediately deflect if there is the slightest suspicion of „anti-Semitism.“ With this ability, a Zionist-extremist journalist, named Benjamin Weinthal, comes to its aid. Weinthal has made the discovery of „anti-Semitism“ in Germany his fad. He makes recourse to a well-established network of Zionist supporters (Sayanim) and German collaborators. He may now move his field of activity to Israel to go on anti-Semite hunts. It seems that Israel is in dire need of his experience.

Germany can provide Israel with further useful services by addressing its anti-Semitism problem by providing him with the necessary personnel. As an anti-Semite hunter and denouncer of so-called Israel critics or BDS supporters, Volker Beck (The Greens) could do an excellent job. He is leaving the German Bundestag thanks to God and is immediately accessible to Israel. The next assignment would be optimal for Beck. For Israel, too, he would be a profit because there are too many „Israel critics“ and BDS supporters there. For Beck and Weinthal, Israel offers the best playground.

P.S. Dear Mr. Prime minister, are you going to punish your son telling the truth?

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