What Happened to Hillary Clinton?

It seems as if Hillary Clinton hadn’t grasped what happened on 8 November 2016 when she lost the election to Donald J. Trump. „What Happened“ blames everybody else for the defeat except the loser, Hillary Rodham Clinton. That is why the book belongs to the category of Science Fiction.

The author’s primary concern is her apology and the finger-pointing at others. She blames Trump, the Conservatives, Voter Fraud, Angry Voters, the Deplorable, Russian Hackers, Sexism, Misogyny, Barack Obama, the Electoral System (College), Bernie Sanders, Climate Change, Wassermann-Schultz and all the rest of the crowd. With this message, she hoofs through churches and the main networks where her friends give her a helping hand for her empty talk. Why doesn’t she and her husband Bill put their own house in order before blaming everybody else?

Why didn’t she shed some light on the murder of Seth Rich who worked for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and was executed on 10 July 2016? Why did her husband Bill tried to meet with the then time Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the airport in Arizona in camera but was spotted by a local reporter? Why did her campaign and the Clinton-controlled  DNC steal the Primaries from Bernie Sanders? Why did Clinton speak to Wall Street Banksters differently that in public? Why did she call rural Americans contemptibly „Deplorable“? Why did use her private server as Secretary of State knowing it was illegal? What did she want to cover up? Why didn’t talk about the tons of money the Saudis donate to the Clinton Foundation? Which benefits has she granted to them?

The Basket of the real Deplorable!

Clinton still has the guts to blame „Russian hacking“ or former FBI Director Comey’s handling of her scandal as main reasons for her loss. It’s the first anniversary of the ridiculous claim that Russia meddled in the election. So far, neither the 17 Intelligence Agencies nor Special Prosecutor Mueller came up with the slightest evidence, although the media or the Clintons spread this lie as a fact.

„What Happened“ is whiny, self-centered,  without distant and dull. One gets the impression as if a spoiled high school brat didn’t get its way. At every page, she reflects her vanity how great she is and what the American People missed not having put her into the White House. Thanks to the „Deplorable“ that she didn’t get there. God forbid a translation into other languages.

By the way; Amazon is just deleting tons of critical reviews of Hillary Clinton’s highly problematic book, and they block further critical reviews. Everybody should protest.

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