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Thai Workers in Israel – Who cares about them?

Thailändische Arbeiter in Israel.

The BBC aired a documentary about Thai workers in Israel. A Thai journalist did this excellent piece. Her findings are just shocking.  The working and living conditions are repelling and scandalous. The workers are living in poverty and squalor just a little bit better than rats. 25 000 workers live in pre-capitalist conditions, and they can stay only for five years. Their existence is precarious, to put it mildly.

Israel imported foreign workers from Thailand and other parts of the Third World to take over the jobs after the Zionist regime banned Palestinian workers from entering Israel.

The Thai workers have to spray pesticides en mass, which causes not only massive health problems for the workers but also major health problems for consumers of Israeli agricultural products. Consumers around the world should decide, after having watched this documentary, whether they still should buy Israeli products. Where they appear in supermarkets, you should protest.

The following documentary may be available only for 29 days.

In German.

„The Jews never existed as a ‘people’ – still less as a nation“

The Israeli historian Shlomo Sand does not only negate the existence of a „Jewish People,“ but also of the so-called „Land of Israel.“ Both are Zionist inventions, i. e. myths. With both hypotheses, Sand could only come forward after his official retirement from Tel Aviv University. In Israel, questioning the mystical raison d’etat is life-threatening.

Be that as it may, in the Israeli press there is still a controversial and open discussion about his viewpoint possible. Such a debate would be impossible in Germany, not to speak of the US, where the Zionist Israel lobby puts a stranglehold on the media. The mainstream media don’t publish negatively about Israel. The crimes of the Zionist occupation regime are put into perspective or even whitewashed.

Before Shlomo Sand published his groundbreaking books, Simcha Flapan had set the course with his book „Die Geburt Israels.“ The Zionist fairy tales should once and for all be a thing of the past. Recently, Ilan Pappé has disenchanted the ten founding myths of Israel. In German here.

The newest debate on the ‚historic right‘ of Israel’s existence can be followed here.

May’s Brexit Deal is an Insult to the British People

Can Theresa May survive the Brexit Mess?

The British Prime Minister Theresa May presented the draft of the so-called Brexit deal with the EU to the House of Commons. The three-hour long confrontation showed that she would never get this deal approved, not even by her party. The MPs robbed the agreement like a dead body. Nevertheless, she insisted multiple times, „to see it through“ because it would serve British national interests. Although May’s presentation in parliament was a disaster, she kept very coolly and resilient.

Close inspections reveal that this deal is a Greek gift to Great Britain and the British people. This deal will tie the UK forever and ever to the European Union. It’s absolute surrender to this anti-democratic European Union. Britain can’t negotiate individual trade agreements with any country, not even the United States. Such agreements stay an absolute prerogative of the EU! It’s precisely the opposite of what the British people have voted for on 23 June 2016. It’s not a complete reclamation of sovereignty but will degenerate the United Kingdom to a vassal state of the EU Commission. One has to ask, how Theresa May and her government could have approved such a horrible deal?  Weiterlesen