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The US and Germany rebuff South Africa’s Genocide charge against Israel

Annalena Baerbock’s greatest foreign policy success is „Toilet Colonialism“ for Africa. Poor Svenja Schulze!

The Joe Biden regime rebuffed South Africa’s indictment against Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian People, which is no surprise. Philip Geradi asks the right question on the UNZ review: „Who owns you, Joe, and why are your top officials lying about what is happening?“ For the deranged guy in the White House applies extenuating circumstances. Joe Biden is an ardent Zionist. When he visited Israel as Vice President under the Obama regime, he said: „Happy to be back at home.“ How subservient and disgusting for a representative of a then-time empire. At that time, the Israeli dog had wagged the US’s tail since Lyndon B. Johnson.

The US deputy representative of the US mission to the UN cast a veto against a permanent ceasefire by saying „we.“ Usually, he should have said, „I.“ „We“ implies US collaboration with the murderous Zionist regime. In the future, the US regime will have a huge credibility problem. Such a problem is having all Western countries, which consider themselves „value-based.“ If these are the values of the West, one makes you want to throw up.

A similar hypocrisy takes place in Germany. The Germans still have a „hangover“ because of their terrible treatment of European Jewry, disabled human beings, gay people, Gypsies, and „subhumans“ generally. However, such a gruesome past doesn’t disqualify Germany from criticizing Israel or its patron, the US, for their political behavior. and their disdain for international law.

Right now, Germany is run by a bunch of incompetent, ignorant Israeli and US lackeys. The German foreign minister, Annaena Baerbock, who can hardly speak correct German, rebuffed South Africa’s claim against the genocide of Israel at the ICJ. Namibia’s president reacted very undiplomatically to Germany’s move. Perhaps Baerbock doesn’t have any clue of Germany’s genocidal past in Namibia.

She is obsessed with a so-called feminist foreign policy, which is nothing else than „toilet colonialism.“ Tony Blinken is Annaleana Baerbock’s teacher, who speaks for Tony! The whole world laughs about her; only Berlin hasn’t realized the laughter jet.

This German government does everything that its US master tells it. Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the political class don’t ask questions about the US’s demolition of Nord Stream-2-pipeline. They don’t mind that the US still has 34.000 occupation forces in Germany, although the country got its „sovereignty“ after the Soviet Union collapsed. The Biden regime still treated Germany as its colony, and nobody disagreed.

„The plan by America’s „best friend“ and „closest ally“ to nuke the world even has a name: „The Samson Option,“ recalling how the Biblical strongman Samson brought down the temple where the Philistines were mocking him, killing thousands of them. So maybe Joe Biden should be thinking long and hard about how and with whom he is getting our country set up to go to war. Or just maybe it is already too late!“ The German political class will follow his US master in passive obedience.

US and Western Double Standards with regards to Russia and Israel

US and Western Double Standards!

Israel’s brutal, oppressive regime calls on over 1 Million Palestinians in the open-air prison of Gaza to walk to the Egyptian border in the South to increase the pressure on Egypt to open up its border crossing to get rid of another 1 Million Palestinians. They will never return to the Gaza Strip if they are in Egypt. Israel will never allow one so-called refugee to return to their homeland, although most of these people have been ethnically cleansed by the Zionist regime in 1948. Their land is in historic Palestine, which Zionist settler colonialists have conquered. There are voices in Israel calling  „to finish the job,“ which means that the ethnic cleansing of 1948 hasn’t been completed. Now, it’s time to get the job done.

PM Benyamin Netanyahu compared the attack on Israel by Hamas freedom fighters to Pearl Harbor, which is historically not only totally off the mark but also intended towards the Biden regime to give Israel Carte blanche in crushing the Palestinians‘ freedom and independence fight forever. So far, Israel has killed over 2200 Palestinians during its bombing raid, basically civilians and many children. None of the representatives of the so-called „value West“ had the guts to condemn Israel’s rampage or call for restraint. The Netanyahu regime acts like a colonial power gone wild. Weiterlesen

Daniele Ganser, Imperium USA. Die skrupellose Weltmacht

Die USA stellt die größte Gefahr für den Weltfrieden dar. Das Land übt einen destruktiven Einfluss auf die internationalen Beziehungen aus, der sich zunehmend auf einen nuklearen Konflikt mit Russland hinbewegt. Diese traurige Spitzenstellung hat sich die Weltmacht Nr. 1 nicht von ungefähr erworben. Keine andere Nation hat in seiner Geschichte so viele andere Länder bombardiert, so viele Regierungen gestürzt und Kriege geführt wie die USA.

Die USA unterhalten die mindestens Militärstützpunkte (750) in über 80 Ländern, exportieren die meisten Waffen und haben den höchsten Rüstungsetat der Welt. Die Vereinigten Staaten geben mehr (877 Mrd. Dollar) für die Landesverteidigung aus als China, Russland, Indien, Saudi-Arabien, das Vereinigte Königreich, Deutschland, Frankreich, Südkorea, Japan und die Ukraine zusammen, die es nur auf 849 Mrd. Dollar bringen. Die Bedrohung für die Welt durch die USA ist mehr als offensichtlich.

Daniele Ganser, Schweizer Friedensforscher, der bereits mit seinem Buch über die geheimen Terrorarmeen der NATO „Gladio“ Berühmtheit erlangt hat, beschreibt detailliert und fundiert über die inhärente Gewalt des US-Herrschaftssystems. Ganser geht der Frage nach, wie diese destruktive Gewalt entstehen konnte und warum so viele Länder die USA immer noch – fälschlicherweise – für eine Inspiration und Hoffnung halten. Weiterlesen

Prinz Harrys Buch „Reserve“ – weit unter dem Niveau der Kardashians

Ich habe mir Harrys „Reserve“ von einem Freund ausgeliehen. Nach einigen Seiten war mir klar, dass diese „Autobiographie“ voller Ungereimtheiten, Unterstellungen, Verschwörungstheorien und glatten Lügen ist. Für mich ist dieser Klatsch keinen Cent wert. Harry wäscht nur dreckige Wäsche. Für einen 38-jährigen Mann ist es beschämend; einem Teenager hätte man diese toxische weinerliche Rhetorik vielleicht durchgehen lassen.

Der Herzog von Sussex und seine Frau Meghan Markle, die Herzogin von Sussex, haben mit ihrer Netflix-„Dokumentation“ nicht nur ihre Seele verkauft, sondern auch dem britischen Königshaus massiven Schaden zugefügt. Die Verleumdung der Royals begann mit dem Interview with Oprah Winfrey, indem Harry und seine Frau Meghan der königlichen Familie „Rassismus“ vorwarfen. Dieser „Rassismus-Vorwurf“, für den nicht der geringste Beweis vorgelegt werden konnte, stand weltweit fast für zwei Jahre im Raum, bis Harry während seiner Promotion-Tour, erklärte, die Royals seien nicht rassistisch. Plötzlich war es ein unbewusstes Vorurteil „unconscious bias“. Für die Bekämpfung dieses angeblichen Rassismus erhielt das Paar den obskuren „Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award“. Werden die beiden diesen Preis jetzt zurückgeben, nachdem ihre Behauptung sich als Lüge herausgestellt hat? Weiterlesen

Why is Germany committing an energy suicide?

The US and its puppet Vladimir Zelensky.

Germany is committing economic suicide because the Great Brother in Washington ordered us to do so. On 1 September, William Engdahl wrote an eye-opening article that the energy crisis was not caused by Russia but by European politicians and financial interests. „It is not because politicians like Scholz, German Green Economy Minister Robert Habeck, or EU Commission Green Energy Vice President Frans Timmermans are stupid or clueless. Corrupt and dishonest, maybe yes. They know exactly what they are doing. They are reading a script. It is all part of the EU plan to deindustrialize one of the most energy-efficient industrial concentrations on the planet. This is the UN Green Agenda 2030, otherwise known as Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset“ now renamed „Great Narrative.“

A Swedish news outlet Nya Dagbladet ran a story based on a „confidential“ paper by the RAND Corporation titled „How the US planned the war and the energy crisis in Europe.“

In the executive summary „Weakening Germany, strengthening the US,“ the US intention is boldly formulated: The US urgently needs an influx of outside resources to maintain the overall US economy, especially the banking system. „Only European countries bound by EU and NATO commitments can provide us with these without significant military and political costs.“

According to RAND, Germany’s independence is the most significant obstacle to this goal. Its cynical proposal is the destruction of the German Russian relationship and France, which is the most significant political and economic threat to the US.

Germany’s economic power threatened US domination over Europe, so Germany’s economy must be destroyed by drawing Germany into war. „Stopping Russian deliveries could create a systematic crisis that would be devastating for the German economy and indirectly for the European Union as a whole.“ The sinister US strategy draws both countries into war with Ukraine. „The only possible way to ensure that Germany rejects Russian energy supplies is to draw both sides into the military conflict in Ukraine. Our continued actions in this country will inevitably lead to a military response from Russia.“

 „The prerequisite for Germany to fall into this trap is the dominant role of green parties and European ideologies. The German environmental movement is a highly dogmatic, if not passionate, movement, which makes it quite easy to get them to ignore economic arguments.“ Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck represent this type of ideologically fixated Green politicians.

At a conference in Prague, Baerbock showed her romantic infatuation saying, „We will stand with Ukraine, and this means that the sanctions will stay, also in winter time – even if it gets tough for politicians.“ She said that she doesn’t give a damn about the opinion of her constituency. There is no more straightforward way to express her contempt for the voters.

Rand foresees a  total collapse of Europe’s economy, which seems probable and desirable. A Russian reduction or even stopping the energy supplies would have disastrous consequences for the German economy. „Not only will it deliver a devastating blow to the German economy, but the entire economy of the entire EU economy will also inevitably collapse.“

Gloomy prospects that our so-called American friends have in store for Germany and Europe.

Waffenstillstandsappell von Blauäugigen auf ZEIT-Online

Waffenstillstand jetzt!

Schon der erste Satz des Appells „Waffenstillstand jetzt!“ auf Zeit-Online vom 29. Juni 2022 verkennt die realen Machtverhältnisse des Westens. Nicht Europa, sondern  das US-Imperium gibt den Takt in Sachen Ukraine-Konflikt vor, und die USA wollen keinen Frieden. In der Ukraine wird ein Stellvertreterkrieg zwischen den USA und Russland auf Kosten des ukrainischen Volkes ausgefochten. Es sei hier an die Aussage von Viktoria Nuland anlässlich des US-inszenierten Putsches 2014 in der Ukraine erinnert: „Fuck the EU.“

Die Appellanten verkennen, dass trotz massiver Waffenlieferungen, finanzieller und ideologischer Unterstützung die Ukraine diesen Konflikt niemals gewinnen kann. Aber die USA wollen dies auch gar nicht, weil sie Russland bestrafen wollen, eine solche Aktion niemals zu wiederholen, wie es US-Kriegsminister Lloyd Austin ausgedrückt hat.

Deutschland hätte niemals Waffen an das NAZI-Regime in der Ukraine liefern sollen. Wer unbefangen Vladimir Selenskyi beobachtet, kann nur zu dem Schluss kommen, dass dieser Komiker größenwahnsinnig geworden ist, wie seine letzte Forderung nach Ausschluss Russlands aus dem UN-Sicherheitsrat zeigt. Dass aus diesem Komiker ein omnipräsenter Medienstar geworden ist, liegt an der 24/7-Propaganda der Staats- und Konzernmedien in den USA und Westeuropas sowie an der irrationalen Verhaltensweise der EU-Politiker und der US-dominierten  NATO. Es gibt kaum noch einen Event, an dem Selenskyi nicht zugeschaltet wird. Es fehlen nur noch die Dorffeste! Weiterlesen

States of Emergency: Keeping the Global Population in Check

Kees van der Pijl has written an extraordinary book on the natural causes of the COVID pandemic and its exploitation by the global elites to control the world’s population and establish a totalitarian regime run by the globalists. Since the pandemic’s start in March 2020, lockdowns have been used to restrict democracy and people’s freedoms.

In a digital economy, two billion people will be superfluous, and they are not sitting on their hands; the world over, massive resistance has begun, writes the author. „The Western capitalist elites have lost the capacity to engage their respective peoples in an equitable social contract and have resorted to stoking fear — from the terrorism scare and the Russian threat to the COVID infliction, with more variants coming in line — as a formula for curtailing protest and maintaining power.“ Weiterlesen

The Real Anthony Fauci

With the popping up of the COVID-19, the totalitarian ideas of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health spread around the world. Many well-known political flunkies function as megaphones of Big Parma to increase their profits and prepare the rest of the world for the „Great Reset.“ The God Father of the Globalists and the „Great Reset,“ the German Klaus Schwab, has already planned a decade ago to make everybody equally poor, except the Globalist who got the world into the current mess.

The most famous mouthpiece of Big Parma is Anthony Fauci, Director des NIAID. Fauci is a colorful figure. Robert F. Kennedy jr, son of the assassinated Robert (Bobby) F. Kennedy, finally debunked Fauci. The author speaks truth to power, which in the cases of the Kennedys can be deadly. JFK and RFK, killed by the CIA and a secret service plot, and JFK jr. light aircraft crashed mysteriously on the coast of Martha’s Vineyard airport. Wouldn’t it be safer for Robert F. Kennedy jr outside the US?

Anthony Fauci „has more power than any other individual to direct public energies toward solutions. He has done the opposite. Instead of striving to identify the etiologies of the chronic disease pandemic, we shall see that Dr. Fauci has deliberately and systematically used his staggering power over Federal scientific research, medical schools, medical journals, and the careers of individual scientists to derail inquiry and obstruct research that might provide the answers,“ concludes Robert F. Kennedy.

His book is a must-read.

Die Taliban, Osama bin Laden und 9/11

Das „Jahrhundert-Verbrechen“ vom 11. September 2001 wird zum 20. Jahrestag des Geschehens auf vielen Fernsehkanälen und den Printmedien künstlich aufgebauscht. Dabei handelt es sich jedoch nicht um die tatsächlichen Hintergründe des Geschehens, sondern um die Erzählung des offiziellen Narratives, der mit der Wirklichkeit nur am Rande etwas zu tun hat.

Der „Hauptverdächtige“ war bereits nach 13 Minuten ausgemacht. Ein gewisser Tim Osman, der auf einer Shoppingtour in den USA Stinger-Raketen eingekauft und später als Osama bin Laden Berühmtheit erlangen sollte. Diese CIA-Kreation soll aus einer Höhle in Afghanistan das Jahrhundert-Verbrechen geplant, organisiert und gesteuert haben. Rational denkenden Menschen  ist diese Räuberpistole nur schwer zu vermitteln. Innerhalb von 24 Stunden war die Legende, d. h. der offizielle 9/11-Narrative, in Stein gemeißelt.

Mathias Bröckers gehörte zu den ersten und wenigen reflektierenden Journalisten, dem die Story sofort sehr verdächtig vorkam, da sie voller Widersprüche war, die einfach keinen Sinn ergeben wollten. Kaum einer seiner Kollegen wollte die „haarsträubenden Ungereimtheiten, unbewiesenen Behauptungen und (die von) irrsingen Zufällen nur so strotzende Verschwörungstheorie als offizielle Wahrheit“ in Frage stellen, schreibt der Autor. Die Infragestellung dieser Legende erweist sich bis heute als toxisch. Weiterlesen

The G7 Meeting in Cornwall – a Political Farce

The US Master and his minions.

Nobody should be impressed by the meeting of G7 leaders in Cornwall, England. It’s a swansong of a political format, which impresses only journalists whose job is to cheer up to their paymasters. Where are these leaders come from? They are from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan. Representatives of the anti-democratic EU are also present, but their contributions are nothing than hot-air. Placed at a children’s table are Australia, India (President Narendra Modi is only virtually present), South Africa, and South Korea. The G7 leaders even condescended to allow UN-Secretary António Guterres to be flown in to complete the picture of a sinking ship.

Established in 1975, the G7 stood for 70 percent of the world’s GDP; today, they leap the 30 percent hurdle. What want these windbags to tell the world? What do Canada’s showoff Justin Trudeau or Italy’s Mario Draghi at this meeting except cheering up to their frail master Joe Biden? Or is it just hubris or narcissism? Joe Biden and Boris Johnson even had the nerve to sign a so-called second „Atlantic Charta“ that is just poor sentimentality of lost grandeur. Do they rather want to rekindle Western supremacy or „the hope of a better future of the world,“ as Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote in 1941? To take the world of 2021 into account, it’s a bizarre undertaking.

The main „achievement“ of these phonies are their anti-Russian and anti-Chinese aggression. That the European US minions join in Biden’s outlandish policy approach shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Europeans lost their self-respect as sovereign nations. They detested President Donald Trump for his openness to tell these hot-air artists to take care of themselves and jump on the bandwagon with a concrete price that the Europeans didn’t want to pay. Trump was fed up with the hollow rhetoric of the so-called European suckers. These „allies“ like Joe Biden because he continues Barack Obama’s phony policy. Did the European US lackeys discuss the spying of their leaders by the US with the help of the EU member-state Denmark?

However, President Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will discuss real politics in Geneva, Switzerland, on 16 June. Biden will meet with a leader who represents a sovereign and self-confident nation. If he intends to lecture Putin on human rights or the other fantastical Western „values,“ he should look in the mirror. Biden should not forget Julian Assange or the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay or the show trials instigated against the demonstrators who entered Capitol Hill, who are stigmatized as „terrorists“ before mentioning the name of CIA asset Alexei Navalny.

As usual, the final statement of the G7 will be a bombastic wish list. The G7 intends to distribute 2,7 billion doses of the Covid vaccine to the poorer countries forgetting that they hardly vaccinated their own population. Prominent is the anti-Chinese statement and the Cold-War mentality.