The US administration is run by a bunch of crazies

A bunch of crazies is running the US government.

Last week, two Israeli stooges, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, traveled the Middle East. In Cairo, Pompeo delivered the most idiotic and bizarre speech one has ever heard from a US Secretary of State. “When America retreats, chaos often follows,” said Pompeo. More correctly; When America attacks, chaos often follows. The evidence is overwhelming: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Yemen, to name the most prominent. Calling on the Iranians to live up to the human rights standards of Saudi Arabia is absurd and outrageous. Pompeo is clueless about the Middle East, but perhaps he didn’t talk about the region is was touring. His nonsense was merely an anti-Iranian rant but a kind of „love letter“ to the assassin-in-chief, Mohammed bin Salman.

One can ask whether President Trump is really in charge of his administration. He ordered the withdrawal from Syria, Bolton and Pompeo toured the Middle East and foiled him. In any properly functioning government, these two guys would be sacked at once. The US democracy and the Western ones have become dysfunctional. Their leaders do not represent their constituency anymore.

There is another aspect of a possible war against Iran. Israel. The Zionist regime, especially Netanyahu, has been calling for such a US attack for the last two decades. He tried desperately to push President Obama into war with Iran. With President Trump and his Security adviser Bolton, Netanyahu has a say about US Middle Eastern policy. One should remember that Bolton made his bold caveat to Trump’s decision in Israel. Bolton got his job because of Sheldon Adelson huge donations to the Trump campaign.

Pompeo is not one jota better than Bolton. He also bootlicks Netanyahu. Both advisers don’t serve US interests but Israeli ones. To attack Iran would make the chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, and Yemen look like smooth operations.

Just recently, the US lost four members of the armed forces in Syria. If the Israelis and the Saudis are eager to attack Iran, let them do it alone. At least the Saudi dictatorship and murderous regime would go up the creek, which would be a blessing for the world.

The US should get out of all the occupied countries at once. Otherwise, the Arab resistance should make for the US occupier life a living hell. History shows that the US, once occupied the land, they never left voluntarily; Vietnam demonstrates that the US occupier must be defeated to go.

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