President Donald Trump bullies allies and friends into submission

President Trump bullies other nations into submission.

US foreign policy encompasses not only a war on disobedience against supposed adversaries, as Caitlin Johnstone argues but also a policy pattern of compelling friends and allies into submission. This kind of imperial behavior came bluntly to the fore under the Trump regime, which is run by bullies such as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo,  but it has been a behavioral pattern of the previous administration sometimes more or less open. 

For people who don’t view the US Empire through rose-colored glasses, the US has always been the aggressor number one and the most trigger-happy country on the planet. The facts, Tom Engelhardt, presents in his article, support this thesis. A country that occupies 149 other countries, i. e. 75 percent of all nation-states and with 800 military installations around the world, can’t be peace-loving by definition. Not to forget the terror, which inflicts upon people and countries around the world by its unmanned drones. These killers are sitting somewhere in Nevada or Germany; you name it. One should not forget that just the war machinery of the Pentagon is responsible for some 40 percent of the CO2 pollution worldwide.

The media bears the sole responsibility that the US aggression is disguised by the rhetoric such as fighting for freedom and democracy, human- and women rights, economic liberalism, or other niceties. If other countries don’t obey US orders, they are called aggressors and inflicted by war such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or perhaps Iran.

A scarcity of resources confronts the world, but the US alone is eating up 24 percent of the world’s energy by amounting 5 percent of the population. The US consumes more energy than any other country, more than China and Russia together.

As it seems, the endless war on terror appears to has a lot to do with a fight for resources. The war on terror is only a fig leave.

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