Prince Harry’s SPARE: Gossip between two boards!

Prince Harry’s book „SPARE“ contains many lies, innuendos, rumors, hardly any truth, and no evidence. In short: Baloney between two boards!

It started with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which the Duchess of Netflix and the Duke of Netflix accused the Royal family of „racism.“ In his latest interview, in which the Duke of Netflix promoted his autobiography „SPARE,“ he walked the allegation of racism against the Royals back. Harry and his wife received an award for fighting structural racism! After their racism claim was bogus, does the couple return the award? Piers Morgan, one of the couple’s fiercest and most profound reviewers, called Harry a „village idiot.“

The so-called documentary, aired on Netflix, caused a shitstorm because of the many lies, false allegations, and wild guesses. For all their innuendos, the couple presented not a single piece of evidence. The Netflix series presented Harry and Meghan as victims who wallowed in self-pity. They live in a 14 Million Dollar mansion in Montecito, close to Santa Barbara. Only big shots are living in this affluent neighborhood.

When they fled Great Britain and the Royal family on a „freedom flight,“ they wanted privacy. The opposite, however, is true. Their thirst for attention seems insatiable. Both are narcissistic par excellence. With their soap opera, the couple earned tons of money.

What the Duke of Netflix presented in „SPARE“ is embarrassing for a 38-year-old man. Such gossip and awkwardness could one expect from a teenager who shoves one’s weight around. Harry’s damage to the Royal family, especially his father, who is now King, and his brother William, the Prince of Wales and future King, is unforgivable. Instead of stopping his rants, he laments that he wants his father and brother back. He even enjoys an apology. What an outrageous claim.  King Charles should strip Harry and Meghan of their Royal titles and cancel the invitation to his coronation. Without their royal titles, they are nothing-burger.

„SPARE“ follow the same script as the Netflix so-called documentary. It’s incredibly one-sided and biased. Harry puts the blame solely on his family and the dark machinations of Camilla, Kate, and the British press. Camilla and Kate fed the media with secrets of „the Firm.“ He and Meghan are the innocent victims of a plot.

It’s an absolute no-go for an officer to reveal the killing of 25 Afghans. Who cares that Harry lost his virginity to a much older woman or that he took Cocaine at the age of 17? Harry, your mother, Princess Diana, was not killed by the paparazzi but by a drunken driver! Harry blames his NAZI outfit his brother William and Kate. Harry seems loopy.

Harry, give us a break and shut up. Harry failed in school, which is why he did all this stupid stuff. „SPARE“ is stuff and nonsense. It’s not a must-read. It’s a waste of time and money.

German version.

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