Trump’s War Strategy against Russia and Iran in Syria

To sidetrack from the numerous pending investigations into the alleged meddling with Russian officials by Trump advisers during the Presidential race, the „best“ thing to get a kind of relief from his political hunters would be a military confrontation with Russia and Iran, although Trump started out as someone who wanted a rapprochement with Russia. The whole investigation spin is all about destroying such a move. The neoconservative’s think-tanks, the Zionist Israel lobby, and the Netanyahu regime would love it if Trump would further escalate this conflict. Netanyahu has been agitating against Iran for the last 20 years.

De facto, the US bombing campaign is helping the terrorist groups in Syria. Apparently, the US is supporting so-called moderate rebels, which don’t exist in Syria. It’s a US pipedream. The assertion, the US acted in self-defense is ridiculous. The US and its Western allies are aggressors. They intervened in Syria against international law. Trump has outsourced his role as commander-in-chief to some of his military commanders in Syria.

The stakes for an all-out war in the region are extremely high. The only political responsible, rational actor is President Putin and Iran, as strange that might sound. In the US and Israel war hawks are increasingly dominating the public discourse. The worst of all is the US Congress with their newly passed laws, which impose new sanctions against Iran and even Russia. Without having declared a war officially, which only Congress can do, they have given Trump a Road Map for an undeclared war.

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