Killing and Bombing Palestinians seem to be Fun for Main Street Israelis

The British journalist Abby Martin became the target of a smear campaign by a Zionist propaganda organization called „StandWithUS,“ which operates on a 9 million Dollar budget and under instructions of the Israeli government. Martin’s latest report, which shows were the real inciters are,  made her in the eyes of these right-wing Zionist a „notorious anti-Semite.“ It’s shocking how the so-called man in the street loves to kill or bomb Arabs into oblivion.

Ronnie Barkan seems the only reasonable voice in Israel.  „Israel is Jewish like South Africa was white.“ This characterization of Israeli society takes the biscuit. There is no real left in Israel except a dozen or so anti-Zionists. There are self-proclaimed leftist or pretended liberal Zionist who debate among themselves whether there should be a „Greater Israel“ or a small Israel without Arabs.  This self-styled leftist just sugar-coat their racism and supremacy.  For these so-called left-wingers, the only problem is that „we“ haven’t finished the job like Benny Morris used to say in his infamous interview with the then time PM Ehud Barak.

For Western democracies, it’s a sad commentary on accepting a whispering campaign against the journalist Martin by Zionist extremists who don’t want to admit the reality of Israel, which is an occupier, an ethnocentric and racist state but no democracy. How long do we accept this political trash by the Zionist Lobby?

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