Nikki Haley – the Poster Girl of the ZioCon War Lobby

Which Interests does she serve? American or Israeli ones?

Nikki Haley is THE mouthpiece of the Zionist aggressive occupation regime. She serves Zionist interests and acts to the detriment of the American people that have to carry the can for the partisanship with this rogue Zionist state. President Trump should sack her before she challenges him in the next presidential race. Haley will have the backing of the trigger-happy Ziocon establishment and the Zionist billionaires.

Together with John Bolton, they seem like the perfect „Doomsday Couple“ to bring the U.S. down. Perhaps they are the last true believers in Zionism, the Jewish racist ideology, although both are not Jewish.  It’s not surprising that Jewish and American exceptionalism are similar in their racist beliefs.

Haley’s behavior is hyperbolic, arrogant, and extremely dangerous to the reputation of the U. S. but it seems as if she acts according to the slogan: Freely you live, if you haven’t a reputation to lose. But under the borderline Trump administration even a „un-American“ behavior, it benefits the Zionist regime, seems acceptable. 

So far, all so-called chemical weapons attacks by the al-Asad government were false flag attacks carried out either by al-Nusra, ISIS or al-Qaida terrorist organizations or by the „White Helmets“ themselves that are a so-called a terrorist affiliate organization, disguised as paramedics, to draw the U. S. directly into the Syrian conflict.

Under Obama, they failed, and Trump made some symbolic bombings to pacify the trigger-happy Zionist lobby.  How mentally deranged Haley seems, shows her arrogant statement:  “We need to see Russia choose to side with the civilized world over an Assad government that brutally terrorizes its people.”

With which „civilized world“ should Russia take sides? Does Haley mean the U. S. or the Zionist occupation regime? The first one has slaughtered millions of people in endless wars, the later has been subjugated another people for over 50 years and destroyed its existence. This „civilized world“ and its values are for the garbage dump.

Despite his twitter manticism, Trump was still a kind of common sense that can differentiate between the good for America in contrast to the good for Israel for the sake of the American people.

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