Robert Mueller – the US and the Western mainstream media lost its credibility

After almost two years of thorough investigations by Robert Mueller about alleged conspiracy and obstruction of justice, the report came up with nothing, zero, nada. He didn’t find a single case of so-called collusion.

Right from the start, the whole scam was a set up by the Deep State and its criminal organizations such as CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ and what have you. Their so-called assessment, which they gave to Obama and the then-elect President Trump, was built around rumors instead of hard evidence. It’s not surprising that President Trump doesn’t trust his crooked intelligence agencies. This conspiracy started under the Obama administration in which the criminal Clintons and their conspirators had enormous influence and control.

For any political observer, the Washington bubble is a hotbed of corruption and enormous criminal energy. It’s not surprising that the trust in the political class and the US political system is virtually zero.

I’m not a Trump fan. But over Hillary Clinton, I would have preferred everybody else.

But what is more astonishing is the total bias of the US mainstream media and their European mouthpieces, which repeat their prejudices and outright lies parrot-fashion. For almost two years, Americans were brainwashed day in, day out by CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, The Washington Post, what have you, with outright lies, one-sided reporting, distortion of the truth about Trump’s alleged secret cooperation with Russia. He was cartooned as „Putin’s puppet“ and other sleazy allegations, which at the end dissolved into thin air.

The mainstream media outlets lied for two years. Other liars were the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ every anchor and every pundit. For two years, they have avoided any pro-Trump voice on the air. All the talking-heads were anti-Trump. Perhaps they will stash away the trash they aired for two years. It was all bullshit, baloney, garbage to put it mildly.

The Mueller affair destroyed the last credibility of the US mainstream media. They, together with the Deep State, tried to instigate a coup in the US against Donald Trump.

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