The Real Anthony Fauci

With the popping up of the COVID-19, the totalitarian ideas of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health spread around the world. Many well-known political flunkies function as megaphones of Big Parma to increase their profits and prepare the rest of the world for the „Great Reset.“ The God Father of the Globalists and the „Great Reset,“ the German Klaus Schwab, has already planned a decade ago to make everybody equally poor, except the Globalist who got the world into the current mess.

The most famous mouthpiece of Big Parma is Anthony Fauci, Director des NIAID. Fauci is a colorful figure. Robert F. Kennedy jr, son of the assassinated Robert (Bobby) F. Kennedy, finally debunked Fauci. The author speaks truth to power, which in the cases of the Kennedys can be deadly. JFK and RFK, killed by the CIA and a secret service plot, and JFK jr. light aircraft crashed mysteriously on the coast of Martha’s Vineyard airport. Wouldn’t it be safer for Robert F. Kennedy jr outside the US?

Anthony Fauci „has more power than any other individual to direct public energies toward solutions. He has done the opposite. Instead of striving to identify the etiologies of the chronic disease pandemic, we shall see that Dr. Fauci has deliberately and systematically used his staggering power over Federal scientific research, medical schools, medical journals, and the careers of individual scientists to derail inquiry and obstruct research that might provide the answers,“ concludes Robert F. Kennedy.

His book is a must-read.

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