The Shitlist of „Anti-Semites“ according to Simon Wiesenthal Center

Jeremy Corbyn slandered by Zionists over three years for defending Palestinian rights.

Year after year, the right-wing Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles publishes its shitlist of the ten worst Anti-Semetic incidents around the world. To no one’s surprise, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party came in first. On closer inspection, the list turns out to be an instrument of smear and Zionist propaganda against dissidents who don’t buy into the Zionist and the Israeli-Jewish narrative of Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people or Zionist pro-Israeli activities in other countries for the benefit of Israel.

For the last three years, Jeremy Corbyn was slandered by the British press and the Zionist Israel lobby in the UK. At the forefront of this smear campaign, Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle and contributor for a bunch of other papers, and Jonathan Freeland, a so-called liberal, writing for the supposedly liberal The Guardian, which plays a leading role in a whispering campaign against Corbyn and the Labor Party. The Zionist lobby also organized an inner-Party smear campaign.

It should surprise no one that the Simon Wiesenthal Center joins the fray making Corbyn the frontrunner of its infamous shitlist. Worldwide, the Zionist lobby is very well interconnected. Even the highest Jewish authority, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, accused the Labor Party of „anti-Jewish racism.“ Among other things, the anti-Corbyn campaign bore fruit. Under his leadership, his party suffered a crushing defeat in last week’s election.

Anti-Semitism is a form of racism against Jews. Corbyn has been fighting racism his entire political life. To accuse him of „Anti-Semitism“ is utter nonsense. Corbyn is a man of honor who sticks to his guns, unlike most of his political contenders. Political scientist Norman G. Finkelstein called the „Corbyn-Mania“ rightly the „chimera of British Anti-Semitism.“

That the State of Israel is deeply involved in the smear campaign against recalcitrant politicians was demonstrated by the documentary of Al Jazeera. In next to no time, the Zionist lobby accused Al Jazeera of „Anti-Semitism.“ The Israel lobby uses „Anti-Semitism“ like a „weapon of mass destruction“ against any critic of Zionist or Jewish power in the U. K, the U. S., or elsewhere. Ofcom, the British Office of Communication, cleared Al Jazeera of this ridiculous accusation.

To a lesser extent, the same holds for the two Freshmen Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib, the first one of Palestinian descent, and Ilhan Omar, born in Somalia and immigrated in 1995 to the U. S., who finished up in fifth place. Both Congresswomen uttered the only truism about the Zionist influence on the U. S. Congress and the American public in general. Tlaib criticized colleagues who voted for the anti-BDS resolution in Congress. Omar had to endure a shitstorm saying, „It’s all about the Benjamins baby,“ hinting at „Jewish money.“ Like Palestine, the U. S. Congress is „Israeli occupied territory.“ (Pat Buchanan).

The German ambassador to the United Nations, Christoph Heusgen, finished up seven places. The Simon Wiesenthal Center accuses Heusgen of casting 25 „anti-Israeli votes“ in the UN. The German representative just voted according to international law, which the Israeli government violates regularly. His other „anti-Semitic“ political sin was to compare Israeli bulldozers to Hamas rockets. „We believe that international law is the best way to protect civilians and allow them to live in peace and security and without fear of Israeli bulldozers or ‘Hamas rockets.’”

Israeli bulldozers are a deadlier weapon than the self-made rockets of Hamas. Why didn’t the Simon Wiesenthal Center talk about the killing of Rachel Corrie, who was twice overrun by the giant caterpillar bulldozer? Why didn’t they mention the murder of thousands of Palestinians through the Israeli war machine with U. S.-made weapons?

The German tabloid BILD accused Heusgen of „pure malice“ against Israel, although Heusgen does only execute instructions of the German Foreign Ministry. In its smear article against Heusgen, BILD quoted Chancellor Merkel’s infamous speech in 2008 at the Israeli Knesset saying, “The security of Israel is never negotiable for me as German Chancellor.” It seems that Heusgen never got the memo, writes the tabloid.

BILD belongs to the Axel Springer group, which allows only pro-Israeli and pro-American coverage. Their so-called journalists have to agree to five „Essentials“: 1. We stand for freedom, the rule of law, democracy, and a United Europe. 2. We support the Jewish people and the right of Israel to exist. 3. We show our solidarity in the liberal community of values with the United States of America. 4. We are committed to a free and social market economy. 5. We reject political and religious extremism.

Looking at the remaining „anti-Semitic“ incidents, all are out of proportion with reality. However harmful they may be, they are single cases and can’t be generalized. Well, next year, the public will be faced with another shitlist of so-called anti-Semites. To appeal to the reason of the functionaries of the Simon Wiesenthal Center seems futile.

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