The Democratic Party Establishment rigged the Iowa Caucus.

In Iowa, it’s all haywire.

One day after the Iowa caucus, final results are still in the making. The incident sucks out loud.  Did the party establishment not like the outcome? Was it to the detriment of the corrupt Joe Biden and Hillary campaign? Just recently, Biden wondered out loud about picking the most corrupt American politician, Hillary Clinton, as his running mate.

In the 2016 presidential primaries, Clinton and the corrupt DNC (Democratic National Committee) mafia stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  Why not do it again on a smaller scale in Iowa? It’s unbelievable that there are any results available. Perhaps the big shots of the Democratic Party didn’t like the outcome, and their corrupt frontrunner Joe Biden went down south. Either Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg come out first. At least, Buttigieg seized the chance and delivered a brilliant victory speech, whereas the other candidates left sour-faced the scene.

The officials of the Iowa Democrats blamed a „new App“ for the mishap. But this story is so unworldly that only the folks from CNN and their politically one-sided „experts“ took it seriously. They also blame the caucus system, which seems all of a sudden odd. Instead of digging into the fraud, CNN moved with the candidates to New Hampshire, where the next primary goes down. But a media outlet that has been agitating for more than three years against President Donald Trump and the corrupt Democratic establishment is not interested in the truth.

After more than three years of demonization by the Democrats and their handlers in the lying press, Donald Trump won his case; many media outlets are „fake news,“ especially CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, what have you. In retrospect, Russian hoax and Ukraine scam were stings by the Democratic establishment and the Deep State. The last one even led to an impeachment trial in the House and the US Senate. The Republican majority in the Senate will finally put an end to this farce. 

The Iowa manipulation is going to discredit the entire Democratic selection process. Perhaps all the results will be doctored till the most corrupt Democratic candidate will be nominated to lose against incumbent Donald Trump.

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