„Judeo-Nazi“ is unmolested in Berlin.

Copyright: Abraham Melzer.

After a rally in front of the Reichstag in Berlin, the Jewish author and editor-in-chief of the magazine „The Semite,“ Abraham Melzer, went to a restaurant close to Brandenburg Gate. All of a sudden, an incarnate „Judeo-Nazi“ (Yeshayahu Leibowitz) stood before him. A member of the racist Jewish Defense League, Rabbi Meir Kahane founded in 1968 in New York City. In 1971, Kahane emigrated to Israel, where he founded the racist party, Kach. In 1990, Kahane got killed in Manhattan.

With friends like him, the Jews don’t have to fear Anti-Semitism. In Germany, there are many so-called „Appointees for Anti-Semitism,“ whose job is to detect „Anti-Semitism“ in German society. But in reality, the modern form of „Berater für Judenfragen=Judenreferent“ is hunting and slandering people who criticize the brutal occupation and oppression of Palestinians by Israel. Instead of taking care of this kind of Judeo-Fascism, the top one of the „Appointees for Anti-Semitism,“ Felix Klein and his cohorts of informers, are blaming mainly Muslim refugees of „Anti-Semitism.“  These „Anti-Semitism“ hunters are the real producer of Anti-Semitism (Antisemitenmacher).

Some of these „Appointees for Anti-Semitism“ promote Anti-Semitism in Germany by denying Jews to deliver lectures in public rooms, which happened several times to Abraham Melzer. He had to take his case to the courts to win his case. One of the most obnoxious „Appointees for Anti-Semitism“ is the mayor of Frankfort, Uwe Becker, a wannabe Jew, who sometimes shows off with a kippah.

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