Alan Dershowitz is turning 81

Jewish Voice for Peace wishes Happy Birthday!

One of the fiercest defenders of the Israeli Zionist regime is Alan Dershowitz, a law professor, and Israeli Firster. As a defense lawyer, he defended sex traffickers and other prominent but shady characters.  He is close to Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. Recently, Dershowitz‘ name appeared in connection with Jeffrey Epstein, who was suicided in a New York prison.

In his infamous book „The Case for Israel,“ he defends everything the Zionist occupation regime does with a kind of right or wrong mentality. Dershowitz ignores not only all the fact but also all human rights report by international and Israeli organizations. The book is a complete fabrication. And he blames Palestinians for having inflicted their suffering. Parts of his political career rests upon slandering Palestinians and groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace, which work for a just peace in Israel and Palestine. The German Zionist journalist Henryk M. Broder preface the German version of the pamphlet by writing, among other things, „… and it’s more fun to be the culprit than the victim.“  

US scholar Norman G. Finkelstein accused Dershowitz of plagiarism.  Some mistakes in Joan Peters book „From time immemorial.“ seemed identical in both books.  By the time of publication, Peters book was highly acclaimed by the Zionist lobby until the fabrications got busted. Perhaps that is why the content of Dershowitz‘ book has so little to do with historical truth. 

One can assume that Dershowitz is behind almost all adverse decisions by the Trump administration against the Palestinian people.  Such as the move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem, Jared Kushner’s failed so-called Peace Plan, Trump’s Golan Heights declaration and his contempt for BDS-movement, which fights against Israeli occupation by Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.

Whether Dershowitz will celebrate a Happy Birthday on 1 September will be up to him and the mails from members of Jewish Voice for Peace.

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