Netanyahu hoodwinked Donald Trump on Iran

Donald Trump as Netanyahu’s useful idiot!

Watching the hysterical CNN reporting on the murder of Major general Qasem Soleimani by the Trump/Netanyahu regime, I ask myself why these folks don’t ask the most obvious question? Cui bono?  Just think a second, and you get the answer: Israel! CNN’s main concern focuses on the term „imminent threat,“ but  there was no „imminent threat.“ The whole thing was made up by the Israelis. But these journalists are afraid of asking the obvious.

Benjamin Netanyahu has already talked Trump into dumping the Iran Nuclear Deal. Already here, Trump relied on Israeli manipulated intelligence. He put Israeli interests before American ones. Netanyahu always pushed the Bush and the Obama administration to attack Iran, but they did not listen to this madman. Finally, he found a useful idiot in President Trump who handed Netanyahu already Jerusalem as Israel’s „capital“ on a liver platter. Trump couldn’t give a damn that this gift was against international law.

As far, the Trump administration could not present single evidence about the so-called „imminent threat.“ When Mike Pompeo was all over the networks on the weekend, he bagged the journalists to trust his words. Everybody knows how trustful  American politicians are. They have zero credibility.

With the attack on Soleimani, the Trump regime was mouse trapped by the Zionist regime. Trump has to wage war against Iran for the sole benefit of Israel and to the detriment of his own country. The poor American servicemen and servicewomen have to die for a government that is not worth a dime. It has been subjugating another people for the last century and has stolen their land and colonized it.  For such a system is the „beacon of democracy“  fighting for!

Last October, the head of the Israel Mossad, talked about the assassination of Soleimani in the open. In the „Times of Israel,“  he announced that his killing is not „impossible.“ “He knows very well that his assassination is not impossible. His actions are identified and felt everywhere … there’s no doubt the infrastructure he built presents a serious challenge for Israel.” That the Zionist regime provided the intelligence for Trump is very obvious. He doesn’t trust his intelligence agencies for good reasons, because they wanted to topple him. Trump instead plays the hitman for Israel. After Trump obeyed Israel’s order, they popped the corks.

Trump would not be Trump if he did not also threaten Iran with the destruction of its cultural sites. For any act of resistance by Iran, Trump blustered with 52 massive acts of reprisals, in memory of the 52 American hostages taken by Iran in 1979 after the Shah regime disappeared. Trump wants to follow suit ISIS, who also destroyed cultural sites in Iraq and Syria. The Trump regime seems not an iota better than ISIS.

Trump should know that he will be held accountable for the many dead American soldiers because of his reckless behavior. For the impeachment hoax, he shouldn’t start a war that he can’t win. Perhaps Trump should take the following word to heart: „Boys go to Bagdad,  Real Men go to Tehran.“ This infamous slogan stems from the Ziocons, who have also hijacked the Trump administration. Trump should send some of these „tough guys“ to Tehran; it would be a blessing for the American political class.

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