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The Betrayal of America and the Hijacking of the American Mind

America commemorates the 19th anniversary of 9/11. The BBC broadcasted live from Somerset County, Pennsylvania, that President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania attended. The mainstream U. S. media just showed clips of the bells, which ring after every name of the victims from the plane cash in Shanksville was read. Didn’t they report because Trump attended the ceremony?

For the political class and the mainstream media, everything is clear about 9/11. That’s why the myth that 19 Muslims hijacked planes and flew them into the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon lingers on. A plane heading for San Francisco crashed by passengers and disappeared on a field in Shanksville, PA, without any debris on the field, just a whole. The major of Shanksville at the time told a German television crew that there was no plane.

The events of September 11, 2001, are still unexposed. Instead, the world has narrated a story within 13 minutes that Osama bin Laden was the supposed mastermind, and after 24 hours, the „facts „were set in stone by a congressional vote.  At a lot of dissenting opinions about the attacks hushed, were silenced, or ignored. The mainstream media behaved the same. All their critical questioning broke off, and they fell in line with the official narrative. Deviations were not allowed and sanctioned with the end of the career. That way, it seems impossible to get to the bottom of the matter.

Elias Davidsson exposes and confirms the betrayal of the American people by its leaders about the attacks of September 11, 2001. His new book runs counter to the official narrative, which was set in stone after 24 hours. In 17 chapters, the author proceeds like a criminal investigator concentrating on the legal and forensic aspects of 9/11, and he debunks the official narrative and everything that goes with it. From his standpoint, all the presented facts do not hold water. There is not a single hard evidence that the 19 Muslims committed this horrendous crime. The collapse of the Twin Towers due to fire is a fairytale taking the opinion of thousands of engineers into account. The same holds for the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, flown by guys who hardly could fly a Cessna.

President George W. Bush branded Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organization as prime suspects. However, Washington supported bin Laden since the end of the Cold War, while at the same time putting him on the FBI’s most-wanted list. Bin Laden was a CIA asset, and his Islamists played a central role in U.S. intelligence, military, and terrorist operations.

For Davidsson, 9/11 was a propaganda-coup, unprecedented in history. „When the sun rose on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001, the official legend of 9/11 lay ready to be promoted worldwide. It was conceived before the events and confirmed by the U.S. Congress – give or take minor details – within 24 hours of the deadly events. „Within hours, the entire world was led astray into believing what can be labeled an absurd tale. The author can’t understand that the Western world swallowed „this legend hook, line, and sinker. „Everybody who questions the official story commits public suicide.

According to Davidsson, the official 9/11 Commission Report is for the birds. The collapse of WTC No 7 wasn’t mentioned at all. For the author, not only academia but also the leftists and liberals failed. Academicians out of fear to lose their career, leftists argued that the attacks were retributions by Muslims against U.S. foreign policies. None of the liberals or leftists ever asked for hard evidence that Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11, not to speak of Saddam Hussein.

Davidson’s book makes a case for the argument „that the main suspects for the mass murder 9/11 are to be found among U.S. officials. „And he continues saying; „Had the crime of 9/11 been carried out by rogue elements of the U.S. government or by a foreign state against the real interests of the ruling class of the United States and its allies, the plotters and perpetrators would have been exposed and punished long ago. “

As an expert on state-sponsored terrorism, Davidsson calls for an independent investigation because the real perpetrators are still alive and kicking.  The present book constitutes a valuable and possible lasting contribution to critical 9/11 research. To understand U. S. expansion around the globe and its global war on terror will find a lot of arguments in this most important book.

The book is available on Amazon.

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Kamala Harris: a „black“ fraud as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Does the mascot of the Democratic Party tell the real story?

Joe Biden, the deranged and old white man, and presidential hopeful for the Democratic Party, picked a woman of color as his running mate. President Donald Trump should be delighted. Harris should scoop up black voters. But Harris isn’t black at all but rather a kind of mulatta. Her father, Donald Harris, is Jamaican, her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, a Tamil from India. The mainstream media sell Kamala as a „black.“ But nowadays, everybody who’s not white is black. Kamala is an Indian name, meaning „Born from the lotus.“

The US-controlled German mainstream media sell Kamala Harris as a so-called „Counsel for the poor.“ Ir could not be further from the truth. She is a careerist and belongs to the establishment of the US. Her parents were privileged academics; Kamala Harris never experienced poverty. As attorney general of the wealthiest state of the US, California,  she showed no empathy for the poor.

Harris may draw scorn from progressives. She oversaw the jailing of parents over their children’s truancy, arguing against the release of nonviolent offenders, who she kept behind bars to serve as prison labor. As district attorney of San Francisco, Harris was also responsible for securing more than 1,900 convictions against marijuana users, admitting trying to pot herself. Since she became Senator from California, she rebranded herself as a bona fide progressive.

It seems as if the two make a good match, but reality tells a different story.  As a contender during the primary season, Harris was extremely unpopular.  During one debate,  Harris attacked Biden’s record on racial issues. Attacking Biden for his past relationships with segregationists and his opposition to school busing. Harris was a victim of Biden’s support of school busing and racism, saying, „the little girl was me.“ Biden just ignored Harris‘ attack. But now he seems delighted with Harris and called her a „fighter for the little guy“ and one of the „finest public servants.“  By Biden standards, that might be true!  Just watch how Tulsi Gabbard tore Kamala Harris‘ phony record as a „liberal“ prosecutor apart.

Biden has a problem with young women and children in particular. He is a sexist and racist. How could Kamala Harris serve as his running mate? Biden nepotism is rampant. His corrupt son Hunter Biden profited, while Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s Vice President. He got a well-paid job for doing nothing except providing his name for a corrupt company. But hypocrisy and double standards are the trademarks of the Democratic Party.

John Bolton, The Room Where It Happened

Is it just another lousy job?

The title of John Bolton’s revenge insinuates highly explosive internal affairs by a guy who’s, besides the Chief of Staff, the most important person besides the President in the White House. John Bolton was President Donald Trump’s Adviser for National Security from 8 April 2018 until 10 September 2019, where Trump fired him. The question arises why Trump took Bolton in the first place.

When President-elect Donald Trump was in the process of forming his team, John Bolton also begged for a job. The reason why Trump didn’t want him was his Stalin-like mustache. There would have been a better reason why Trump should have dismissed Bolton. Everybody in Washington D. C. knew what kind of hawk Bolton was. Bolton stands for military strength and war to get America’s will.

Ideally, the National Security adviser serves as a go-between and honest broker of various policy options on national security for the President. Bolton, however, was an advocate of his political agenda. Several times, he thwarted and sabotaged Trump’s policy. Bolton derailed Trump’s rapprochement towards the North Korean Chairman Kim Yong-un by saying the „Libyan model“ can be applied to North Korea, too. He opted for regime change in Venezuela. And together with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, he was for war with Iran.

What Iran was concerned about, Bolton was much closer to Netanyahu than his boss, who talks big but doesn’t want war, unlike his predecessors. In the Syrian case, Bolton, together with military hawks torpedoed Trump withdrawal from Syria, again with the support of Netanyahu. It seemed Bolton was more concerned about the security of Israel than of the United States of America.

Why Bolton got the job anyway, were his very close ties to the Zionist Israel lobby, especially Sheldon Adelson, Casino magnate and Billionaire from Las Vegas. Adelson would not negotiate with Teheran but would threaten them with an atomic bomb. Adelson donated over 20 Billion to the Trump campaign and bribed Bolton into the White House, according to Washington insiders.

Bolton presents a chaotic President who embraces America’s enemies and spurns friends and was deeply suspicious of his government. According to Bolton, all this helped put Trump on the bizarre road to impeachment. As a result, the US lost an opportunity to confront its deepening threats, and in cases like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea ended up in a more vulnerable place, writes Bolton.

Excerpts from the book were leaked to the press to boost the number of sales. Bolton pretends that Trump is easily influenced by foreign leaders, especially strongmen and presumed dictators. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, rebuked this claim by saying that Putin can’t play Trump „like a fiddle“ and that the US President can’t be manipulated.

According to Bolton, Trump asked China’s President Xi Jinping to help his re-election chances by buying more American soybeans and wheat. Trump supposedly agreed to the establishment of concentration camps for Muslim minorities. In the bilateral discussion between the two leaders, only interpreters were present. So much for „The Room where it happened.“

The question arises why didn’t Bolton testified in the impeachment hearings and later criticized the Democrats for getting the impeachment wrong? Before the Senate, Bolton could have said that Trump is unfit for the job. But now, after he got fired, throwing dirt at Trump contradicts all rules of fairness.

The Trump administration wants to prevent the publication of the book due to national security reasons. Besides the legal battle, Trump and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, hit out against Bolton. Pompeo called him a „traitor.“ „I’ve not read the book, but from the excerpts I’ve seen published, John Bolton is spreading several lies, fully-spun half-truths, and outright falsehoods.“ Pompeo’s reacted immediately because Bolton quotes Pompeo, had scribbled on a piece of paper that Trump „is full of shit.“ Trump called Bolton a „washed-up guy“ who broke the law.

The White House staff gave the book the go-ahead after having checked it of sensitive national security concerns. Perhaps Bolton thinks he can prevent Trump from winning a second term, but whether a book will make such a difference is somewhat questionable. As it seems, the book contains a lot of lies and many state secrets. The judge has to decide between the First Amendment and state secrets. On 20 June 2020, the judge ordered the release of Bolton’s book.

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President Donald Trump: Lift Sanctions on Iran


Several progressive US lawmakers called on President Donald Trump to lift the murderous sanctions on Iran. Among them are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA), Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX), Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA).

Perhaps Donald Trump couldn’t give a damn about their letter because they are all Democrats, and some of them are „special friends“ of Trump. But what about Joe Biden, the most likely contender of Trump. Being asked at Meet the Press, Biden replied he doesn’t have enough information. This answer is typical for Biden, who acts like a political moron who has a memory defect.

Information is on the table. Trump’s deadly sanctions strangulate the country and will lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iran, such as the Bill Clinton’s sanctions on Iraq led to the end of 500 000 children, which then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright thought it was worthwhile. US foreign policy is not run by Trump but by Pompeo, Netanyahu, and killer-in-chief Mohammed bin Salman. In light of the corona crisis, they are planning a war against Iran.

Why doesn’t the European Union lift the sanctions on Iran or Germany? These countries would be real sovereigns. They could do it, but they are all vassals of the US Empire and under the boot of Donald Trump. Why don’t they accept that Trump can sanction one-third of the world’s countries without any resistance? For Germany, it’s not surprising. Germany has been a US colony since the end of World War II. The reunification hasn’t changed a thing.

No less a figure than former Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said at the Frankfort Banking Congress on 18 November 2011 that Germany is not sovereign and has never been since the end of World War II. Schäuble’s remarks on sovereignty didn’t get much attention in the mainstream media because they all go for globalization. Independence is anathema for them.

Coming back to sanctions relief on Iran, only one representative of the German Bundestag, Armin-Paul Hampel from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) called for it. Still, it didn’t find any resonance in the media. Hampel also calls for the end of sanctions against Russia. Where is the German left?

Not only under the current Corona hysteria, but Trump’s sanctions policy should also be beyond the pale for all countries. The only leaders who resist Trump’s bullying are Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. All the others are pawns.

Julian Assange must be set free.

 I don’t understand why the Australian government and the MPs not lifting a finger to get their citizen Julian Assange back home. Perhaps PM Scott Morrison should ask Boris Johnson and President Donald Trump to let him go because he isn’t guilty of anything. His „crime“ was the publication of heinous US war crimes in Iraq. When Assange published the Clinton and Podesta emails, then-candidate Donald Trump praised him and called for more of the same.

Caitlin Johnstone is entirely right to confront the slanderer. This now time to forget the bits and bobs and play hardball. The fundamental question, which everybody has to answer is. „Should journalists be jailed for exposing US war crimes? Yes or no?“ Of course, NO. All serious journalist should be interested in the show trial before a British kangaroo court. Way off the mark! None of the slanderers from the Guardian, BBC, who name a few, showed up. Their owners already discipline them.

When the obscure „judge,“ Vanessa Baraister, will hand down her sentence for extradition, it will be the death knell for Assange. In the US, he has to stand before a secret court. So far, this Deep State court has never acquitted anybody.

It’s a pity that the media whores from the fawning press show no interest in the case; finally, they will be affected in the long run. The civil society should raise hell in their countries to mobilize the public and parliamentarians for this political prisoner who, as a journalist, has only done his job. In the end, it’s a question of humanity.

CNN is censoring Tulsi Gabbard again.

Yo CNN folks put Tulsi Gabbard back on stage.

Tulsi Gabbard is the most trustworthy candidate of the Democratic Party, followed by Bernie Sander. The rest of the male crowd is corrupt to the bone. Take Joe Biden, he is a fraud. Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend Indiana, is a creation of Wall Street and big corporations. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg wants to buy his nomination from the corrupt Democratic National Committee (DNC). The DNC is composed of a bunch of political crooks and should be dissolved. In the 2016 election, they cheated Bernie Sanders to get Hillary Clinton on the ticket. This time, the DNC is hell-bent to stop Sanders and cheat also on Tulsi Gabbard.

Gabbard is the only candidate who doesn’t take a dime from big money, and she stands for stopping all foreign US interventions and wars. This is considered a severe „crime“ among the war hawks inside the Belt-Way. CNN is one of many news outlets that’s all for intervention and war. When Donald Trump announced American troop withdrawals from Syria, CNN called in all the liberal war hawks who had only one message: Trump’s policy endangers American security. Such an argument is total baloney because thereby you can justify everything.

With Gabbard’s exclusion from the debate, CNN manipulates the outcome of the election results by denying the American voters the right to decide for themselves. With this antidemocratic behavior, CNN demonstrates its disdain for the fair treatment of all the candidates again, especially with an anti-war stance. Tulsi Gabbard speaks truth to power and has a message for peace and not endless wars such as the liberals in the Democratic Party. Gabbard wants people’s voices heard.

At least it’s a good thing that the ratings of CNN are plummeting, and fewer and fewer people understand its manipulations and one-sided brainwashing. With its hysterical and distorted anti-Trump reporting, they turned off many viewers who couldn’t stand CNN’s 24/7 half-truth or outright false reporting.

CNN folks, Tulsi Gabbard, belongs back on stage to give the American people a real choice between an anti-war candidate and a bunch of pro-war ones.

The Democratic Party Establishment rigged the Iowa Caucus.

In Iowa, it’s all haywire.

One day after the Iowa caucus, final results are still in the making. The incident sucks out loud.  Did the party establishment not like the outcome? Was it to the detriment of the corrupt Joe Biden and Hillary campaign? Just recently, Biden wondered out loud about picking the most corrupt American politician, Hillary Clinton, as his running mate.

In the 2016 presidential primaries, Clinton and the corrupt DNC (Democratic National Committee) mafia stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  Why not do it again on a smaller scale in Iowa? It’s unbelievable that there are any results available. Perhaps the big shots of the Democratic Party didn’t like the outcome, and their corrupt frontrunner Joe Biden went down south. Either Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg come out first. At least, Buttigieg seized the chance and delivered a brilliant victory speech, whereas the other candidates left sour-faced the scene.

The officials of the Iowa Democrats blamed a „new App“ for the mishap. But this story is so unworldly that only the folks from CNN and their politically one-sided „experts“ took it seriously. They also blame the caucus system, which seems all of a sudden odd. Instead of digging into the fraud, CNN moved with the candidates to New Hampshire, where the next primary goes down. But a media outlet that has been agitating for more than three years against President Donald Trump and the corrupt Democratic establishment is not interested in the truth.

After more than three years of demonization by the Democrats and their handlers in the lying press, Donald Trump won his case; many media outlets are „fake news,“ especially CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, what have you. In retrospect, Russian hoax and Ukraine scam were stings by the Democratic establishment and the Deep State. The last one even led to an impeachment trial in the House and the US Senate. The Republican majority in the Senate will finally put an end to this farce. 

The Iowa manipulation is going to discredit the entire Democratic selection process. Perhaps all the results will be doctored till the most corrupt Democratic candidate will be nominated to lose against incumbent Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s „Deal of the Century“ is the „Joke of the Century“

Mahmoud Abbas darf das Trump-Netanyahu-Diktat niemals akzeptieren!

Nachdem sich die Palästinenser bereits mit den Oslo-Abkommen an der Nase haben herumführen lassen und in die Falle Israels getappt sind, soll ihnen jetzt mit dem sogenannten Jahrhundert-Abkommen der Todesstoß versetzt werden. Dieses Abkommen bedarf keiner Interpretation, die sich für die Palästinenser „positiv“ auswirken könnte. Jeder Satz ist vergiftet.

Diesem US-amerikanisch-zionistischem Diktat kann nur mit einem koordinierten Widerstand aller Palästinenser begegnet werden. Die Profiteure der Oslo-Verträge, Mahmoud Abbas und seine korrupte Clique, müssen abtreten, die sogenannte Palästinensische Autorität muss  aufgelöst und Israel die alleinige Verantwortung für die Besatzung Palästinas wieder zurückübertragen werden.

Die Oslo-Verträge waren nichts anderes als eine in eine pseudo-legale Rhetorik gekleidete Scheinselbständigkeit, die als Alibi für den Westen gedient hat, um Israels fortdauerende Besatzung und den illegalen Landraub zu bemänteln. Sollten jetzt weitere vier Jahre Verhandlungen zwischen Israel und den Palästinensern stattfinden, wird es nach dieser Zeit kein Palästina mehr geben. Es werden Ghettos entstehen, in denen die Palästinenser wie Gefangene gehalten werden, wie es seit Jahren bereits im Gaza-Streifen geschieht.

Dieses „Jahrhundertabkommen“ dient ausschließlich Israel und ist gegen den Iran gerichtet. Die Palästinenser sollen in den Kampf gegen Iran, der zu Unrecht des Terrors verdächtigt wird, eingespannt werden. Israel will den Iran durch die USA zerstören lassen, um freie Bahn für die hegemoniale Kontrolle von Zentralasien bis nach Marokko zu erhalten. Deshalb ist es unabdinglich, dass die „Achse des Widerstandes“ gegen den US-Imperialismus und die zionistische Hegemonie gestärkt wird und die USA aus Irak und Afghanistan vertrieben wird.

Mit diesem Abkommen wird es den Palästinensern noch schlechter gehen als bisher schon. Unter dem Oslo-Abkommen sollte der Gaza-Streifen zum „Singapur des Nahen Ostens“ werden. Da Israel die absolute Kontrolle über das Gebiet behielt, wurde es zum größten Ghetto des Nahen Ostens und zu einem Freiluftgefängnis par excellence.

Der jetzt vorgesehene sogenannte Palästinensische Staat wird noch nicht einmal ein Bantustan à la Südafrika sein, sondern wird eher einem Elendsviertel eines Großstadt-Ghettos gleichen. In diesen Ghettos, die man mit Mauern umfrieden wird, können die Palästinenser ihre eigene Müllabfuhr oder den Kauf des Toilettenpapiers selber regeln. Wenn sie dagegen aufbegehren, werden sie von den „Israeli Terrorist Forces“ (ITF) bombardiert oder erschossen, wie es im Gaza-Streifen Tag ein, Tag aus geschieht.

Dieser Witz oder Farce des Jahrhunderts wurde in Jerusalem gebraut, und zwar zwischen Benjamin Netanyahu und seiner rechtsextremistischen Regierung und den US-amerikanischen extremistischen Zionisten wie Jared Kushner, David Friedman und Jason Greenblatt und den evangelikalen Pseudochristen Mike Pence und Mike Pompeo. Dass an diesem Diktat kein palästinensischer Vertreter eingeladen war, sollte niemanden überraschen.

Die Rolle, welche die arabischen Staaten, insbesondere der Golf Kooperationsrat, Saudi-Arabien, Ägypten und Jordanien gespielt haben, ist mehr als verachtenswert. Sie sind den Palästinensern in den Rücken gefallen und pflegen schon seit Jahren verdeckte Beziehungen zu Israel. Weder ihren Worten noch ihren Taten ist zu trauen.

Die Palästinenser sollten ihre Hoffnungen nicht auf die Europäische Union setzen, nicht zu sprechen von Deutschland, das als Interessenvertreter Israels in der EU gilt. Außer nutzloser Rhetorik hat dieses undemokratische und politisch-impotente Bündnis nichts Konkretes zu bieten. Die Zeit seit der Unterzeichnung des Oslo-Abkommens liefert dafür das beste Beispiel.

Wer dieser Farce auch nur etwas Positives abgewinnen will, betreibt das Spiel des US-Imperialismus und des zionistischen Hegemonie-Strebens. Die Antwort auf diese Diktat kann nur Widerstand in jeglicher Form sein. Die Schurkenstaaten, Israel, die USA und Saudi-Arabien dürfen nicht die Oberhand gewinnen und die Geschicke des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens in Zukunft bestimmen, weil sie die wirklichen Terroristen sind.   

Übrigens, ihre Berufsoptimisten oder „Friedensfreude“, denkt an „Oslo“. Trumps Deal ist tausendfach schlechter!

Und hier das ganze Dokument der Unterwerfung.

Netanyahu hoodwinked Donald Trump on Iran

Donald Trump as Netanyahu’s useful idiot!

Watching the hysterical CNN reporting on the murder of Major general Qasem Soleimani by the Trump/Netanyahu regime, I ask myself why these folks don’t ask the most obvious question? Cui bono?  Just think a second, and you get the answer: Israel! CNN’s main concern focuses on the term „imminent threat,“ but  there was no „imminent threat.“ The whole thing was made up by the Israelis. But these journalists are afraid of asking the obvious.

Benjamin Netanyahu has already talked Trump into dumping the Iran Nuclear Deal. Already here, Trump relied on Israeli manipulated intelligence. He put Israeli interests before American ones. Netanyahu always pushed the Bush and the Obama administration to attack Iran, but they did not listen to this madman. Finally, he found a useful idiot in President Trump who handed Netanyahu already Jerusalem as Israel’s „capital“ on a liver platter. Trump couldn’t give a damn that this gift was against international law.

As far, the Trump administration could not present single evidence about the so-called „imminent threat.“ When Mike Pompeo was all over the networks on the weekend, he bagged the journalists to trust his words. Everybody knows how trustful  American politicians are. They have zero credibility.

With the attack on Soleimani, the Trump regime was mouse trapped by the Zionist regime. Trump has to wage war against Iran for the sole benefit of Israel and to the detriment of his own country. The poor American servicemen and servicewomen have to die for a government that is not worth a dime. It has been subjugating another people for the last century and has stolen their land and colonized it.  For such a system is the „beacon of democracy“  fighting for!

Last October, the head of the Israel Mossad, talked about the assassination of Soleimani in the open. In the „Times of Israel,“  he announced that his killing is not „impossible.“ “He knows very well that his assassination is not impossible. His actions are identified and felt everywhere … there’s no doubt the infrastructure he built presents a serious challenge for Israel.” That the Zionist regime provided the intelligence for Trump is very obvious. He doesn’t trust his intelligence agencies for good reasons, because they wanted to topple him. Trump instead plays the hitman for Israel. After Trump obeyed Israel’s order, they popped the corks.

Trump would not be Trump if he did not also threaten Iran with the destruction of its cultural sites. For any act of resistance by Iran, Trump blustered with 52 massive acts of reprisals, in memory of the 52 American hostages taken by Iran in 1979 after the Shah regime disappeared. Trump wants to follow suit ISIS, who also destroyed cultural sites in Iraq and Syria. The Trump regime seems not an iota better than ISIS.

Trump should know that he will be held accountable for the many dead American soldiers because of his reckless behavior. For the impeachment hoax, he shouldn’t start a war that he can’t win. Perhaps Trump should take the following word to heart: „Boys go to Bagdad,  Real Men go to Tehran.“ This infamous slogan stems from the Ziocons, who have also hijacked the Trump administration. Trump should send some of these „tough guys“ to Tehran; it would be a blessing for the American political class.

Die rücksichtslose Ermordung von Qasem Soleimani durch das Trump-Regime

Wer ist hier eigentlich der Terrorist?

Der Chef der iranischen Al-Quds-Brigaden, Generalmajor Qasem Soleimani, wurde am Freitag durch einen amerikanischen Luftangriff auf dem Weg zum Flughafen in Bagdad ermordet. Mit diesem staatsterroristischen Akt stehen die USA in einer Reihe mit Israel, dass seit Jahrzehnten Palästinenser durch feige staatsterroristische Akte aus der Luft tötet. Die Weltöffentlichkeit hat es nun mit zwei Schurkenstaaten zu tun, die westliche Werte, Völkerrecht und Menschenrechte verachten, obgleich sie diese ständig als Rechtfertigungen für ihre Schandtaten anführen. Beide, Präsident Donald Trump und Israels MP Benjamin Netanyahu, reden ständig vom Frieden, meinen aber Krieg.

Zur Begründung des heimtückischen Mordes beruft sich Trump auf dubiose Geheimdienstberichte, nach denen angeblich größere Anschläge auf Amerikaner geplant gewesen sein sollen oder kurz bevorstanden. Konkrete Angaben konnte er aber nicht machen. Hatte sich Trump wieder einmal auf manipulierte Geheimdienstberichte der Israelis verlassen wie bei Netanyahus Coup, um das Nuklearabkommen mit dem Iran zu Fall zu bringen? Die Handschrift des Mossad bei diesem Terroranschlag ist für jeden erkennbar, und Trump hat sich als gelehriger Schüler erwiesen.

Israel hat das größte Interesse, die USA in einen Krieg mit Iran hineinzuziehen. Seit mehreren Jahrzehnten dämonisiert Israel den Iran und warnt vor dessen nichtexistierenden Atomprogramm. Israel selbst verfügt aber über 300 bis 400 Atomsprengköpfe und betreibt ein geheimes Nuklearprogramm. Es hat den Atomwaffensperrvertrag nicht unterzeichnet und erlaubt der Internationalen Atomenergie-Organisation (IAEO) in Wien keine Inspektionen seiner Anlagen. Anders der Iran: Er hat den Atomwaffensperrvertrag unterzeichnet und seine Anlagen für ein enges Kontrollregime der IAEO geöffnet.

Die iranische Führung, allen voran das geistliche Oberhaupt Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, hat Rache geschworen, gehörte Soleimani doch zu seinen engsten und loyalsten Beratern. Er hat der Familie des Ermordeten einen Besuch abgestattet. Die politische Führung des Iran betrachtet diesen Terrorakt als eine Kriegserklärung und hat Vergeltung angekündigt. Iran hat einen langen Atem und ist zu klug, dem Trump-Regime keine weiteren Anlässe für Terroranschläge zu geben.

Trump hat weitere Truppenverlegungen in die Region veranlasst. Der militärische Aufmarsch der USA in dieser Region geht über die Absicht einer friedlichen Lösung weit hinaus, obgleich Trump behauptet, keinen Krieg zu wollen. Auf Trumps Wort darf man jedoch nichts geben. Er hat schon mehrmals den Abzug der US-Truppen aus Syrien, Afghanistan oder Irak angeordnet, aber nichts ist geschehen. Der US-Präsident verkündet zwar vollmundig „seine“ Entscheidungen, die andere vorher festgelegt haben. Trump ist die Kontrolle über die US-Außenpolitik völlig entglitten.

Seine Präsidentschaft ist fest in neokonservativer und zionistisch-jüdischer Hand. Diese Lobbygruppen bestimmen die Agenda der amerikanischen Nahostpolitik, die nicht im amerikanischen sondern im israelischen Interesse liegt. Dies hat sich bereits deutlich in der Anerkennung Jerusalems als „israelischer Hauptstadt“ und der Anerkennung der illegalen Annexion der Golan-Höhen durch die Trump-Regierung gezeigt. Auch die völkerrechtswidrigen Siedlerkolonien, die auf Landraub beruhen, werden von den USA als natürlich Expansion Israels anerkannt. Der flagrante Verstoß gegen Völkerrecht kann nicht im nationalen Interesse der USA liegen, weil er die Reputation des Landes als „Leuchte der Demokratie“ untergräbt.

Der Terroranschlag auf irakischen Boden stellt nicht nur eine Verletzung der irakischen Souveränität dar, sondern zeigt auch die völlig Missachtung der USA für die irakische Regierung. Das irakische Parlament sollte beschließen, dass die amerikanischen Besatzungstruppen unverzüglich den Irak verlassen müssen. Eine solche Entscheidung würde der Souveränität des Landes entsprechen, die aber nur auf dem Papier steht. Die wirklichen Herrscher des Irak sind die US-Besatzer, daran haben auch die Wahlen seit dem Sturz Saddam Husseins im Jahr 2003 nichts geändert.

Sollte es der irakischen Regierung gelingen, die US-Besatzungstruppen des Landes zu verweisen, hätte die Ermordung Qasem Soleimani „einen Sinn“ gehabt. So könnte der Mord an Soleimani letztendlich zur Befreiung des Nahen Ostens von den US-Besatzern führen.