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The Betrayal of America

The events of September 11, 2001, are still unexposed. Instead, the world has narrated a story within 13 minutes that Osama bin Laden was the supposed mastermind, and after 24 hours, the „facts“ were set in stone by a congressional vote.

At a lot of dissenting opinions about the attacks hushed, were silenced or ignored. The mainstream media behaved the same. All their critical questioning broke off, and they fell in line with the official narrative. Deviations were not allowed and sanctioned with the end of the career. That way it seems impossible to get to the bottom of the matter.

Elias Davidsson was born in Palestine in 1941 to German refugees. He settled in Iceland in 1962 and retired with his wife to Germany in 2008. He has published books on 9/11 and different terror incidents in particular. “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11” was published in the U.S. in 2013. Followed by two books in German. (Der Gelbe Bus=The Yellow Bus), which deals with the terror attack in Berlin and a comprehensive study on 9/11 and the aspects of psychological warfare and social denial. His latest research investigates the Mumbai attacks. His book „The betrayal of India“ made headlines in Pakistan and led to an invitation to this country. The over 900 some pages study was translated into Urdu. Weiterlesen

President Trump Release all Guantanamo Detainees

Since the establishment of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay on January 11, 2002, 779 passed through this wild prison camp. Seven hundred twenty-nine had been released or transferred, one of them to the mainland where a court in New York City convicted him, and nine have died.

Forty men are still held at Guantanamo, although five the Obama administration recommended for release, which President Trump ignored since taking office in January 2017. President Trump released only the Saudi prisoner Ahmed al-Darbi to his murderous friend Mohammed bin Salman to finish his sentence in a Saudi dungeon.

Guantanamo is the greatest betrayal of American values. And should be closed at once. It’s an enduring thorn in the side of America’s credibility and its justice system. As long Guantanamo stays open, it will be a charged symbol to the world of prisoner abuses, disdain for international law and the rule of law in general, and American imperial power.

CNN and MSNBC Head South

CNN and Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) compete for first place in fake news!

Fake News and hoax-producing media outlet CNN makes another turn for the worse in April. The viewers are running away in droves. They are fed up with the continued brainwashing of the American people by the Mueller hoax, which CNN is still hawking around with. Their panelists and pundits are so one-sided that the viewers turn away in anger. CNN presents the fiercest Trump-haters and only one token Trump-defender who is mostly wishy-washy. That’s not journalism but propaganda Soviet-style but done very professionally.

In April, on an average 770,000 viewers watched during primetime their spins and rants. If CNN doesn’t come to terms with its one-sided reporting, the audience figures will drop further. Perhaps CNN boss Jeff Zucker has to be also blamed under his directives the anchormen and -women have to work. CNN has no journalistic credibility.

One anchorwoman who outstrips CNN is Rachel Maddow from MSNBC. Also, her audience ratings went down. What Trump and the so-called Russiagate hoax concern she behaves like a hysterical nut. It shouldn’t surprise anybody that she often hosts another hysterical woman, who is responsible for the whole trick, Hillary Clinton. Both women complement each other perfectly.

For the two fake news outlets, audience figures head south. Rachel Maddow and their CNN counterparts such as Tapper, Stelter, Blitzer, you name it, should apply for a job to North Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA) where they would perfectly fit in with their spin and propaganda with a slight difference; Their object would be Kim Jong-un, who President Trump calls his „friend“. Wouldn’t that be a „profitable hour“ for the viewers?

Together they would lift the KCNA to giddy heights and make Kim Jong-un a celebrity.

Why doesn’t the Australian government care about Julian Assange?

The whole Assange affair was a conspiracy by the Swedes, the Brits, and the US Deep State to get an innocent journalist extradited to the US where he faces charges for having published a video showing heinous US military crimes. On top of it, he published tons of emails that showed how despicable US diplomacy behaves, and how US diplomats think about other heads of states.

Since the staged smearing campaign of alleged sexual misconduct by a Swedish prosecutor and the helping hand of the British justice system, Assange saw no alternative to seek asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he lived in solitary confinement till recently until Ecuador revoked his status as a political refugee facing enormous pressure from the US government.

The question I’ve been asking since the affair evolved, was, why on earth the Australian government didn’t lift a finger to bring Assange home to Australia. It seems as if the Australian government couldn’t care less about his citizens. Or does the Australian government only US bidding? Are they afraid to rattle the US cage?

„Debunking All The Assange Smears“ by Caitlin Johnstone

The Australian journalist Caitlin Johnstone did an incredible and prized job. She deserves an award for not only defending, at all odds, an innocent and smeared journalist by the cringing US and international corporate mainstream media. Julian Assange had the guts to unmasked the criminal US military and the mafia-like Clinton regime. It says a lot about that the highly praised Obama who constructed the trumped-up charges against Assange. He is so phony and a hypocrite that he should turn pale, but unfortunately it wouldn’t work.

One can forget German journalism. It runs a poor second. It produces communiques and sells this crap as journalism. They can take a page from the work of Ms. Johnstone. But German journalism creates only Class Relotius‘ and Dirk Gieselman’s. These government propagandists are just the tip of the iceberg. The German mainstream media are full of these liars who disguise themselves as journalists. Former GDR journalists were more honest because they were forced to write fake news. Under the Merkel regime, they do it voluntarily.

The following article by Caitlin Johnstone is a piece of real journalism. 

By Caitlin Johnstone

Have you ever noticed how whenever someone inconveniences the dominant western power structure, the entire political/media class rapidly becomes very, very interested in letting us know how evil and disgusting that person is? It’s true of the leader of every nation which refuses to allow itself to be absorbed into the blob of the US-centralized power alliance, it’s true of anti-establishment political candidates, and it’s true of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Corrupt and unaccountable power uses its political and media influence to smear Assange because, as far as the interests of corrupt and unaccountable power are concerned, killing his reputation is as good as killing him. If everyone can be paced into viewing him with hatred and revulsion, they’ll be far less likely to take WikiLeaks publications seriously, and they’ll be far more likely to consent to Assange’s imprisonment, thereby establishing a precedentfor the future prosecution of leak-publishing journalists around the world. Someone can be speaking 100 percent truth to you, but if you’re suspicious of him you won’t believe anything he’s saying. If they can manufacture that suspicion with total or near-total credence, then as far as our rulers are concerned it’s as good as putting a bullet in his head. >>>

9/11- und Breitscheidplatz-Anschläge: beide unaufgeklärt

Weder die Anschläge von 11. September 2001 in den USA noch die vom 19. Dezember 2016 auf dem Berliner Weihnachtsmarkt sind aufgeklärt. In beiden Fällen wurde vertuscht, getäuscht, manipuliert und gelogen, was das Zeug hält. Märchen scheinen glaubhafter zu sein als die offiziellen Narrative seitens der US- und BRD-Regierung.

Die Literatur zu den 9/11-Anschlägen ist Legion. Obgleich der Regierungsnarrative zum Himmel stinkt, wagt sich kein Journalist der Mainstream-Medien an dieses heiße Eisen, da er umgehend gefeuert werden würde. Gemäß der regierungsamtlichen Erzählung, die nach 24 Stunden in Stein gemeißelt war, konnten auch die unzähligen Widersprüche nichts ändern. Erklärungen der diversen Rettungsteams, die kurz nach den Anschlägen noch zu Wort kommen konnten, wurden ignoriert und blieben selbst in dem offiziellen Bericht (9/11 Kommission-Report) unerwähnt.

Die Bush-Regierung benötigte 441 Tage, um eine Kommission einzusetzen, die die Umstände um 9/11 „aufklären“ sollte. Kein anderer als der dubiose Henry Kissinger sollte diese Kommission leiten. Selbst die regierungshörige New York Times glaubte, dass Kissinger nichts Neutrales zur Aufklärung beitragen könne. Nach Protesten trat er zurück und der Bush/Cheney-Regierung gelang mit der Ernennung von Philip D. Zelikow der perfekte Coup. Weiterlesen

Der große Betrug der Robert Mueller-Untersuchung am amerikanischen Volk

Der Bericht des Sonderermittlers Robert Mueller wurde an den Justizminister William Barr übergeben. Eine zusammenfassende Stellungnahme des Berichts wird in Kürze an den Kongress gesandt. Soweit bekannt, konnte Mueller keinerlei „geheime Zusammenarbeit“ des Trumps-Teams mit Putins Russland finden. Somit kommt die Hexenjagd und der Schwindel nach fast zwei Jahren an sein Ende: Ergebnis Null! Ein Message enthält der Bericht jedoch: Trump wird 2020 wiedergewählt.

Die amerikanische Öffentlichkeit wurde für fast zwei Jahre einer beispiellosen Medien-Propaganda unterzogen. 24 Stunden, sieben Tage die Woche und 365 Tage im Jahr mussten die Amerikaner eine Gehirnwäsche über sich ergehen lassen, die ihnen eintrichtern wollte, dass Trump eine „Marionette Putins“ sei. Jetzt stellt sich heraus, dass nicht nur die eingeleitete Untersuchung eine Intrige der Demokratischen Partei und der politisch-rücksichtslosen Clintons war, die zusammen mit den Medien, Hollywood, der sogenannten Intellektuellen und den Institutionen des Tiefen Staates (CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ) versucht haben, einen Staatsstreich gegen einen amtierenden Präsidenten zu bewerkstelligen. Auch die deutschen hündischen Medien beteiligten sich an dieser Schmierkampagne, ohne kritische Fragen zu stellen. Weiterlesen

Robert Mueller – the US and the Western mainstream media lost its credibility

After almost two years of thorough investigations by Robert Mueller about alleged conspiracy and obstruction of justice, the report came up with nothing, zero, nada. He didn’t find a single case of so-called collusion.

Right from the start, the whole scam was a set up by the Deep State and its criminal organizations such as CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ and what have you. Their so-called assessment, which they gave to Obama and the then-elect President Trump, was built around rumors instead of hard evidence. It’s not surprising that President Trump doesn’t trust his crooked intelligence agencies. This conspiracy started under the Obama administration in which the criminal Clintons and their conspirators had enormous influence and control.

For any political observer, the Washington bubble is a hotbed of corruption and enormous criminal energy. It’s not surprising that the trust in the political class and the US political system is virtually zero.

I’m not a Trump fan. But over Hillary Clinton, I would have preferred everybody else. Weiterlesen

The US administration is run by a bunch of crazies

A bunch of crazies is running the US government.

Last week, two Israeli stooges, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, traveled the Middle East. In Cairo, Pompeo delivered the most idiotic and bizarre speech one has ever heard from a US Secretary of State. “When America retreats, chaos often follows,” said Pompeo. More correctly; When America attacks, chaos often follows. The evidence is overwhelming: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Yemen, to name the most prominent. Calling on the Iranians to live up to the human rights standards of Saudi Arabia is absurd and outrageous. Pompeo is clueless about the Middle East, but perhaps he didn’t talk about the region is was touring. His nonsense was merely an anti-Iranian rant but a kind of „love letter“ to the assassin-in-chief, Mohammed bin Salman.

One can ask whether President Trump is really in charge of his administration. He ordered the withdrawal from Syria, Bolton and Pompeo toured the Middle East and foiled him. In any properly functioning government, these two guys would be sacked at once. The US democracy and the Western ones have become dysfunctional. Their leaders do not represent their constituency anymore.

There is another aspect of a possible war against Iran. Israel. The Zionist regime, especially Netanyahu, has been calling for such a US attack for the last two decades. He tried desperately to push President Obama into war with Iran. With President Trump and his Security adviser Bolton, Netanyahu has a say about US Middle Eastern policy. One should remember that Bolton made his bold caveat to Trump’s decision in Israel. Bolton got his job because of Sheldon Adelson huge donations to the Trump campaign.

Pompeo is not one jota better than Bolton. He also bootlicks Netanyahu. Both advisers don’t serve US interests but Israeli ones. To attack Iran would make the chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, and Yemen look like smooth operations.

Just recently, the US lost four members of the armed forces in Syria. If the Israelis and the Saudis are eager to attack Iran, let them do it alone. At least the Saudi dictatorship and murderous regime would go up the creek, which would be a blessing for the world.

The US should get out of all the occupied countries at once. Otherwise, the Arab resistance should make for the US occupier life a living hell. History shows that the US, once occupied the land, they never left voluntarily; Vietnam demonstrates that the US occupier must be defeated to go.

The Other Side of the Wall by Richard Hardigan

This book is a personal account of a US American professor about his volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) against the Israeli occupation in Palestine in the summer of 2014. His eyewitness report tells the story about oppression, subjugation and the daily sufferings and injustices of the Palestinians People under the Israeli occupation regime.

Right from the outset, Richard Hardigan, a University professor from California, sets the record straight: There can’t be a balanced or neutral point of view concerning the Israeli/Palestine conflict. When helpless children are beaten up, or a civilian population is crushed by military might, „neutrality is not an option.“ Quoting Bishop Desmond Tutu said:  “if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”  Weiterlesen