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Yair Netanyahu teaches Heiko Maas a lesson

Little Netanyahu rebuked Maas!

Yair Netanyahu criticizes the German Foreign Minister actor Heiko Maas, who has joined the SPD because of Auschwitz. This kid, who has recently published an anti-Semitic cartoon, teaches Maas a lesson.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the admission of Israel to the United Nations, Maas criticized Israel’s „one-sided treatment and exclusion“ as „painful and unsatisfactory.“ Nowhere and by no one should Israel’s security be called into question. Politically correct. But Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is too well informed about the foreign minister not to recognize the double standards that characterize him.

The following lesson sounds as if Benjamin Netanyahu dictated it to his son Yair: „It would be nice if you did not interfere in Israel’s internal affairs and stop financing hundreds of left-wing NGOs trying to destroy Israel. Take the hundreds of millions of euros you use for this to fund schools, hospitals, and churches in Germany. „

If Maas dares to tweet Yair an answer? One could interpret it as „anti-Semitism.“ Maas notice criticizing Israel is „anti-Semitism.“ With your statement, you have already fallen to your knees.


Haneen Zoabi addresses an audience about Israel in Bonn

„The old will die, and the young will forget“ as David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister,  once said. Haneen Zoabi presented herself as the living counterexample. Zoabi focuses on Palestinians living in Israel which hold Israeli citizenship. She offered a quite astonishing inside view of „Israel’s democracy“.

Zoabi, born in Nazareth in 1969, belongs to the Arab minority in Israel. From 2009 till 2019 she was a member of the Israeli parliament. According to the new „Nationality Law,“ the 20 percent Arab minority is not supposed to exist. The law defines Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people in which only the Jews have the right of self-determination. The Arab minority can’t make use of such a right as the indigenous People of Palestine.

The speaker made clear how dramatic the transfer of power and wealth was after the establishment of the State of Israel. Before 1948 native Palestinians owned 83 percent of the land, today only 2.3 percent, although they make up 20 percent of the inhabitants of Israel. Having been a majority in Palestine, the expulsion of over 700,000 people in 1948 turned them into a minority living under a harsh military regime until 1966.  Weiterlesen

Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Shitlist of 2018 Top „Anti-Semites“

Year after year, the right-wing Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles publishes its shitlist of the top leading „Anti-Semites“ or „anti-Semitic“ incidents.  It’s always funny to read about this organization distortion of reality and unworldliness. These yearly „Anti-Semitism“ Awards come right after the famous Hollywood Awards.

At the top of the list, rightly so, ranks the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre. Besides the usual suspects, such as Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, who is slandered by the Center almost on a regular basis, these Zionists apparatchiks also put Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Labor Party, UNRWA, and AIRBNB on their shitlist. In October, AIRBNB announced it would delist rentals in Israeli communities in the West Bank. What the center doesn’t say is that the West Bank is illegal Occupied Palestinian Land.  Weiterlesen

„The Jews never existed as a ‘people’ – still less as a nation“

The Israeli historian Shlomo Sand does not only negate the existence of a „Jewish People,“ but also of the so-called „Land of Israel.“ Both are Zionist inventions, i. e. myths. With both hypotheses, Sand could only come forward after his official retirement from Tel Aviv University. In Israel, questioning the mystical raison d’etat is life-threatening.

Be that as it may, in the Israeli press there is still a controversial and open discussion about his viewpoint possible. Such a debate would be impossible in Germany, not to speak of the US, where the Zionist Israel lobby puts a stranglehold on the media. The mainstream media don’t publish negatively about Israel. The crimes of the Zionist occupation regime are put into perspective or even whitewashed.

Before Shlomo Sand published his groundbreaking books, Simcha Flapan had set the course with his book „Die Geburt Israels.“ The Zionist fairy tales should once and for all be a thing of the past. Recently, Ilan Pappé has disenchanted the ten founding myths of Israel. In German here.

The newest debate on the ‚historic right‘ of Israel’s existence can be followed here.

The Other Side of the Wall by Richard Hardigan

This book is a personal account of a US American professor about his volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) against the Israeli occupation in Palestine in the summer of 2014. His eyewitness report tells the story about oppression, subjugation and the daily sufferings and injustices of the Palestinians People under the Israeli occupation regime.

Right from the outset, Richard Hardigan, a University professor from California, sets the record straight: There can’t be a balanced or neutral point of view concerning the Israeli/Palestine conflict. When helpless children are beaten up, or a civilian population is crushed by military might, „neutrality is not an option.“ Quoting Bishop Desmond Tutu said:  “if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”  Weiterlesen

Der neue Antisemitismus ist eine Erfindung der zionistischen Israellobby

Es geht um die Ächtung jeglicher Kritik am zionistischen Besatzungsregime.

Es vergeht kaum ein Monat, in dem Deutschland und die Welt nicht von einem „neuen“ Antisemitismus-Skandal „erschüttert“ wird. Da die Vertreter des klassischen Antisemitismus à la Horst Mahler und andere auszusterben drohen, wurde der „neue“ Antisemitismus geschaffen — und zwar in der Form der Israelkritik und der Kritik am Zionismus. Die aktuellsten „Antisemiten“ sind die Befürworter der BDS-Bewegung (Boykott, Desinvestition und Sanktionen) und die Zuwanderer aus muslimischen Staaten.

Das Thema Antisemitismus ist politisch zu ernst, als das man es der zionistischen Lobby und deren Helfershelfern (Sayanim) überlassen sollte. Einige Vertreter dieser Lobby verfahren nach dem Motto: „Wer Antisemit ist, bestimme ich.“

Antisemitismus ist das Vorurteil oder der Hass auf Juden wegen ihres Jude-seins. Da diese „primäre“, plumpe Form heutzutage weltweit geächtet ist, haben die diversen israelischen Regierungen und die mit ihr aufs engste kooperierende Israellobby Surrogate in Form neuer Spielarten oder Elementen des Antisemitismus ausgemacht. Zum Beispiel den sekundären Antisemitismus, der sich aus dem Schamgefühl und der Verdrängung über die Verbrechen am europäischen Judentum speist. Überspitzt und zynisch könnte man formulieren, dass es sich dabei um Judenhass nicht trotz, sondern wegen Ausschwitz handelt. Einige rechtslastige Israel-Unterstützer sprechen sogar schon vom „tertiärem“ Antisemitismus und meinen damit den „Hass auf Israel“. Für sie gilt bereits der Antizionismus als „sekundärer Antisemitismus“. Weiterlesen >

The New Anti-Semitism is a Hoax

The New Anti-Semitism!

All over Europe and the US, the Zionist Israel Lobby is creating an anti-Semitic hysteria as if this is the most significant problem the world has. The newest example is the witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party, in Great Britain. Although Corbyn is very popular, the Zionist lobby tries to bully him into submission to accept the non-binding working definition of Anti-Semitism which was made up of Zionist and Jewish pressure groups. It has no value whatsoever.

To sanctify the pressure on Corbyn, 68 Rabbis signed an open letter conjuring Labor’s National Committee to adopt in full IHRA definition. Corbyn is only willing to go along with this charade by excluding four demands because it would criminalize critic of the Zionist occupation regime over the People of Palestine. The Zionist lobby had tasted blood because they have bullied out Ken Livingstone. Jackie Walker and many others from the Labor Party.

In the end, they want to topple Corbyn to replace him with a kind of moldable Tony Blair. The Brits figure out these underhand methods by the Zionist lobby and the media, notably the Guardian. The more they exert pressure on Corbyn, the more popular he becomes.

The following article in German focuses on definitions and the tools of the Zionist lobby to stigmatize criticism on Israel’s oppressive policies against the Palestinian People and to immunize the Zionist regime against any criticism. The immunization of the Zionist regime is the primary focus of the witch-hunt against Corbyn. It should send a clear message to the Brits who call the shots in the United Kingdom. Their mantra: Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism. What a joke!   Continue Reading >

Palästina – Vertreibung, Krieg und Besatzung

Annette Groth, Norman Paech und Richard Falk haben ein Buch anlässlich des 50. Jahrestages der Besetzung Restpalästinas infolge des so genannten Sechstagekrieges am 4. Juni, nicht am 4. April 1967(!), herausgegeben, das nicht nur die historischen Dimensionen des Konfliktes, sondern alle Facetten des brutalen israelischen Besatzungsregimes analysiert.

Eine offene Debatte über diesen permanenten Besatzungsskandal ist in Deutschland kaum mehr möglich, da die Israellobby die veröffentlichte Meinung unter ihrer Knute hat und die politische und mediale Klasse dieses Thema faktenfrei diskutiert, das heißt entlang es zionistischen Geschichtsnarratives.

Ein kurzer Blick bei Google zeigt, dass kein so genanntes führendes Meinungsmacherblatt das Buch besprochen hat. Selbst innerhalb der so genannten Palästinasolidarität fehlt es an einer substantiellen Rezension, außer Buchankündigungen, nichts. Dies kann als Anzeichen für die Konformität der veröffentlichten Meinung gedeutet werden, um nicht ins Fadenkreuz der Israellobby zu geraten.   Weiterlesen

Felicia Langer Deceased

Felicia, Rest in Peace (R.I.P.).

A great Israeli-German Jew passed away. Her death represents a significant loss to the Palestinian people’s struggle for justice, human rights, and self-determination. She and her late husband Mieciu, who died in 2015, stood for the other, the better Israel after they emigrated to Germany. They rejected colonialism, Israeli wars, Land theft, torture, apartheid, ethnocentric nationalism, chauvinism and countless violations of human rights and international law.

Felicia’s life and work were massively attacked both in Israel and in Germany because she campaigned for justice and equal rights and treatment for the Palestinian People. She was the first of her kind who defended so-called Palestinian „terrorists“ in Israeli courts. She has had some successes, but before Israeli military courts, which are kangaroo courts in principle, she was unsuccessful. Such „defeats“ can be considered successes for every honorable lawyer. Nor was she ever able to accept the racist-Zionist ideology that is so revered and defended in Israel and by Zionists in Germany.  Weiterlesen

Felicia Langer ist tot!

Felicia, Rest in Peace (R.I.P.).

Eine große israelisch-deutsche Jüdin ist gestorben. Ihr Tod stellt einen großen Verlust für den Kampf des Palästinensischen Volkes für Gerechtigkeit, Menschenrechte und Selbstbestimmung dar. Sie und ihr 2015 verstorbener Ehemann Mieciu standen nach ihrer Immigration von Israel nach Deutschland für das andere, das bessere  Israel, das sich nicht durch Kolonialismus, Kriege, Landraub, Folter, Apartheid sowie unzähliger Menschenrechts- und Völkerrechtsverletzungen auszeichnet.

Felicias Leben und Wirken wurde sowohl in Israel als auch in Deutschland massiv angefeindet, weil sie sich für Gerechtigkeit und eine Gleichbehandlung der Palästinenser eingesetzt hat. Sie war die erste ihrer Art, die es gewagt hat, sich für palästinensische „Terroristen“ vor israelischen Gerichten einzusetzen. Sie hatte einige Erfolge zu verzeichnen, aber vor den israelischen Militärgerichten, die im Prinzip Scheingerichte (kangaroo courts)  sind und für die Weltöffentlichkeit eine „Gerichtsbarkeit“ vortäuschen sollen, blieb ihr der „Erfolg“ versagt. Eigentlich eine Auszeichnung für jeden ehrenwerten Anwalt. Auch konnte sie nie etwas mit der rassistisch-zionistischen Ideologie anfangen, die in Israel und von Zionisten in Deutschland so verehrt und mit allen Mitteln – auch antidemokratischen – verteidigt wird.  Weiterlesen